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What should I expect in my first ballet class?

Question by : What should I expect in my first ballet class?
I’m 14 (almost 15) and I’m starting ballet today! I’ve never taken any form of dance before but I LOVE ballet and I’m reasonably flexible. I can do my right splits and almost my left one and can touch my hands to the floor when I bend over. I don’t have a uniform yet but I’m trying out this class.
The class is an open ballet class but the description said you should have some dance experience. My mom called the building and they said that it would be fine. I’m scared I won’t be able to pick up on it very quickly! :/

What kind of things do you think will they make us do? What should I wear? (I have a black bra, black tanktop, and black leggings, should I wear that and go barefoot?)
I know what the proper attire is, I just haven’t bought it yet. I was informed I was joining this class twenty minutes ago.

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