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Join us! Let’s Dance!

Some cool ballet terms images:

Join us! Let’s Dance!
ballet terms
Image by Dance & Performance Institute
Summer + Institute

Why gather here, now under the banner of New Waves? We’ve gathered an outstanding faculty: Dyane Harvey-Salaam, co-founder of Forces of Nature Dance Company, who returns to Trinidad after 40 years when she worked with Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Theatre; Ananya Chatterjea, Scholar-in-Residence, who just won a Guggenheim for her visionary work that she describes as a “call to action”; Philadelphia’s hip-hop ambassador, Rennie Harris; Jamaica’s Chris Walker; visionary performance artist, Akuzuru; associate artistic director of Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE, Arcell Cabuag; Founder of Canada’s Ballet Creole, Patrick Parson; the prolific, Sonja Dumas, myself and Dave Williams. We’ve all gathered, connected in a delicious composition of professional, cultural, personal and psychogeographic relationships, visions, and alliances.

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