Ballet Adagio For Ages 8-10

Dance Teacher Web Presents Matthew Powell. Matthew has many wonderful videos in the members area of Dance Teacher Web and will be presenting this summer at the Dance Teacher Web LIVE …
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Preparing and Finishing (ballet enchainment or combinations) in Ballet Class

Yoga of Ballet with Ellen Davis. This video clip discusses the importance of preparing and finishing ballet combinations. Working thoughts are given and how to prepare and finish are explained….

12 Responses to “Ballet Adagio For Ages 8-10”

  • Hikiko Mori says:

    You could take the time to describe the coreography excercises. Not
    checkint other videos for if you did. Just thanks for uploading.

  • Lluvia Ibarra says:

    what song is this?

  • Shahed Meah says:


  • Yvonne Sembene says:

    Matthew, your port de bras is wonderful!

  • Lim ishtar says:

    thanks for uploading!

  • veramentegina says:

    lovely movement quality. lovely dancer. thank you for the video.

  • Adephonsus says:

    2 months ago I couldn’t even understand the movements in this adagio and
    now I can do it very decently, my teacher is excellent. Watching this video
    two months later is motivating, it makes me have the hope to go further.
    Constance was my ally.

  • GD89BJA72 says:

    ♥ this choreography!

  • Merca'e Benge says:

    Should I be doing adagio with my 5 and 6 year olds? Is there a simpler
    adagio example I can watch?

  • Ellen Davis says:

    @LesWilis – this is for the accompanyist and for the dancers. I often count
    the music when I am giving the combination so that dancers have the counts
    as markers for their movements – and it also teaches how to count the
    music. Ballet class music is usually in 2/4 or or 4/4 or 3/4 or 6/8 time.
    Dancers often count in eights whereas musicians will usually cound the
    music in fours. Along with counting, feeling the musical phrases, the
    spirit of the music and the movement is also important..

  • Ellen Davis says:

    @LesWilis That is a good idea for another video. I was filmed teaching
    instructors in India how to count the music and hear the musical phrases,
    Maybe I can edit that and use it here. Generally when a teacher is teaching
    the preparation “arms one and two”, they are counting, during the 4 bar
    intro, in the same tempo and meter that the music will be,

  • LesWilis says:

    Please teach us how to count music. Instructors tend to assume we know how
    to do that (“arms one and two”).

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