Ballet Barre Workout for Balance & Core

Ballet Barre Workout for Balance & Core

Today is my second ballet barre workout! This one will focus on your core and your balance. This is also great for building strength and technique. I recomme…
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13 Responses to “Ballet Barre Workout for Balance & Core”

  • AliciaAerial says:

    You are amazing! These videos are wonderful for when I can’t afford or have
    the time to get to class but can still keep up. Thank you so much!

  • Elena Díaz says:

    I am SO enjoying your videos. Thank you so much.

  • livetodance994 says:

    Thank you so much for these videos! I haven’t been able to take summer
    classes this year so I’ve been giving myself little classes every now and
    then but its really nice to have a class from someone else! And your music
    is beautiful! I don’t know if anyone else has said it, but in the rond de
    jambe combination the big one is a grand rond de jambe jeté if I understood
    it correctly

  • Карина Гавровская says:

    I am so glad that I found your channel

  • draignathair says:

    Another wonderful barre! I love your combinations and the variety in all
    your videos, they are such a good resource. Thank you!

  • Koljuska says:

    Hurrah! Thanks to various new exercises I’ve learned from you during last
    two weeks I found out today that grand rond de jambes became for me
    unbelievably easy! 🙂 And I did this particular barre for the first time
    today so it couldn’t be improved by practising grand rond de jambes… They
    used to be a bit squeaky, weird and definitely not favorite despite my
    efforts to work on my technique. Today it was like discovering flying
    abilities 😀 Thank you for this great joy :-)

  • FridaCrescencia says:

    Your channel has fast become one of my favorite channels on Youtube. Thank
    you very much for all the effort you put into it for us. Your barre videos
    are sometimes challenging for someone who does ballet just for fun, but
    that makes them even more enjoyable, and me even prouder when I finish

  • michelle munoz says:

    Could you please do a video on Balanchine. Maybe a barre workout or a video
    on how to tradition into a Balanchine technique school, also if you should
    have done some initial Balanchine training before auditioning for SAB’s
    summer program. As I’m coming into my older teenage years (15, also RAD
    trained) I would love to audition for SAB’s summer program some day in the
    future, but quite worried about the struggle that I will encounter in the
    audition/actual program (if accepted).
    Thank you xx
    From Sydney, Australia
    -Michelle M.

  • Natalie Lui says:

    How did you deal with injuries mentally and physically? 

  • emilydesantos says:

    Les mis playing in the background!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I just started ballet , im more of a showtunes/musical kind of gal and this
    video made me so happy!

  • balletaddict says:

    Oh my goodness, I love, love the version of you playing, Somewhere in Time.
    Thank you Katie. You play beautifully. I enjoy all the disney theme songs,
    they are so whimsical and I can’t help but smile. This barre exercise is so
    good, it really does work the core!

  • Ava K says:

    All of your videos are very helpful for us students. It is nice to know
    that the information on your channel is directly from a professional dancer
    who is in one of the best ballet companies in the world to guide us through
    our training. You are a lovely dancer, I love the video, the barre
    combinations, and your music! Thank you for sharing your knowledge,
    experience, and time with us. It means a lot! 

  • Kelli D says:

    Kathryn I do appreciate the intros but is it also possible for you to talk
    us through a bit while you’re doing the work full out to music? Just a few
    words to guide so I don’t have to watch the screen so closely. Is that too
    “beginner”? Thanks so much, I am so glad I found your channel!

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