Ballet Barre Workout

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17 Responses to “Ballet Barre Workout”

  • Bauj says:

    Absolutely love this!!!

  • Dancing77Kat says:

    It irritates me to see people hop on the ballet/barre bandwagon because it
    is so popular right now but do such a bad job at executing and presenting
    it. Instead of being defensive about negative comments, perhaps it would
    be better to learn something from it.

  • Emily M says:

    Can someone tell me if the movement of the first move with the plie squat
    is enough movement to bulk up my calves or is it just enough to tone them
    without getting bulky? Thank you :)

  • marygold tarrosa says:

    loved it!! great easy workout for early morning boost

  • Sharonfaithm says:

    Really enjoyed this workout. I like doing some lower impact workouts,
    particularly when I am nursing injuries. I would love to see more Barre
    workouts. Thanks!

  • Daff OOn says:

    you’re right in a sense but how many people can do a proper plie? it takes
    years of getting used to turning out and people with weak hips can’t hold
    their turn out properly which is very dangerous to the knees if you force a
    turn out not from the hips but from the knees. so they’re actually making
    it simpler but taking the ‘core fundamentals’ 🙂 I love ballet too

  • Sarah Michelle says:

    I have only done one set so far but my lower body is burning. Can you guys
    make a hip stretch video i had a hard time doing the front leg lifts my
    hips were way to tight so i barely got my leg up

  • Candice Huang says:

    I’m going to do this with the Pilates Plus and Nina Dobrev Yoga workouts 😀
    Can’t wait. Also, what workouts do you recommend if I want to look great in
    a short, strapless dress? I know I should work on upper body and legs, but
    any specific videos? Keep up the great work and thanks for all your videos!

  • mazaisvilijs says:

    mhm, right…..

  • Hilary France says:

    This was a badass workout!! I loved this one and really felt the burn!! I
    would love more of these with the isometric movements!! I am definitely
    adding this workout to my weekly exercise routine!! I really enjoy how
    Kelsey leads her routines, the tips on were to inhale and exhale are very
    helpful!! Thanks Kelsey!!

  • belleoftheball21 says:

    just completed this workout….going to go pass out now. But I feel

  • makeupyourlives says:

    This is such an amazing channel, all your workouts are great

  • inflamedbullet says:

    Brilliant workout, Kelsey! Thank you for keeping up the awesome work!

  • Emma P says:


  • Shannon D says:

    Awesome video Kelsey I was definitely sweating!!! This was my first barre
    style workout!

  • love pink says:

    You guys are killing it. My heart (literally) thanks you guys so much for
    your incredible workouts!

  • XHIT Daily says:

    Understand and appreciate the criticism, however, we are not teaching
    ballet in this video, nor would we ever attempt to as we are not experts.
    This workout is inspired by ballet movements – not a tutorial on the dance
    itself. We are showing plie squats, not a ballet plie – there is a
    difference and we are utilizing proper form on the plie SQUAT. Perhaps our
    title was a bit misleading but nowhere in the entire video does Kelsey
    mention that this is a ballet routine, nor the word ballet at all.

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