Ballet Class For Beginners – How to Do Basic Ballet Dance Positions

Exclusive Content @ Ballet Class For Beginners – How to Do Basic Ballet Dance Positions The third in series of videos by C…

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  • Mega0003000 says:

    Okay, let me make this simple:

    No Donnie = NO LIKE
    Give me Donnie! <3

  • Thomas Curtis says:

    Catherine, thank goodness you persued ballet. This world can use more
    culture with grace and beauty. Oh, I wanted to be a forest ranger in grade

  • Jokk3asd says:

    I’m a 96kg 195cm weightlifter. I’m doing this!!! Intriqueing!

  • Frmkpoptoswe says:

    I really wanted to dance ballet, gymnastic, cheerleading and iceskeeing…
    but my parents thought it was so expensive and didn´t want me to me so far
    from home so… all of my childhood dreams was crushed and yeah… i´m 17
    now and it´s pretty much to late

  • Kiera Michaud says:

    Thank you SO much for this lesson!!! Without a doubt the most thorough one
    I have come across. Thank you for letting us know to work with our own
    natural turnout, no other video has said that and my knees felt super
    uncomfortable working in that “perfect turnout” just starting off. Super
    glad I found this video!

  • Victoria Moran says:

    When did you start ballet because im 12 and im wondering if its to late to
    start.(i actually do want to be a ballerina though)

  • VioletteSky says:

    This is great, keep them coming!

  • Spoiled Cheeseball says:

    I really wanted to take ballet but my parents thought it was too expensive.
    Recently the desire came back hard and I said screw it I’m going to get
    what I can off of Youtube and when I get my life together I’m taking those
    classes. Thank you so much for the video. I hope I can do well even though
    there isn’t anyone to tell me if I’m doing it wrong but I’ll definitely
    practice the stuff from this video. I’m 17 1/2 years old so I hope it’s not
    too late

  • wheelmanstan says:

    Kat looks like a Christmas tree ornament, but where’s her tutu? :(

  • EmmaTulipe0403 says:

    Thank you for this video ! I hope there will be others :)

  • Lolita G. Hunter says:

    Great video! Excellent explanation! Thank you very much. 🙂
    Please, keep it up, I want more classes. I’d love to see some actual
    workouts so I could practice those exercises along with the teacher.

    PS: and girl, you’re gorgeous! <3

  • fvgotch says:

    The thing I like about PsycheTruth is that it introduces me to different
    topics I would not not normally search myself and educates/informs me.

  • MrKbradena says:

    Well you heard it here, be realistic with your dreams. Want to be a
    rockstar?! Yeah right! How about president?! Nope! All it takes is a little
    peer pressure and acceptance, you’ll be successful at something much less
    to your liking in no time! Lmao!!! I’m joking, i just thought it sounded
    funny when she said being an astronaut isn’t a realistic dream so she
    changed it. 

  • onomatopoeiapotato says:

    Thank you! I never really understood the idea of squaring your hips before

  • Saltinenumber5 says:

    I really liked this video. I am learning how to ice skate from a woman who
    is a talented skater and ballet teacher who studied with the Boston Ballet,
    and this video was very insightful. I will watch this again and hopefully
    improve in balance, posture, and muscle strength. Thank you!

  • Tamara Humphrey says:

    Good idea for a workout. It would be nice if you guys can add advanced
    workouts as well.

  • Haylie Pua says:

    A dancer !!!

  • Charlie Wallace says:

    You are so graceful, Catherine!

  • Pascal ottawa says:

    Zahrlavi, you need to shut the “F” up, but for real though this girl is off
    the hook!!!!!! We need new stuff featuring Cindie Corbin and keep up those
    Corey Kay videos because these women are dynamite!!!!!! 

  • Alexandria R. says:

    This video gave a lot of good tips and inside on how you should move your
    body lineament. “As first stand to move you foot off side. Give your foot
    weight as your pushing the floor with you.

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