Ballet Class Intermediate Level with Dmitri Roudnev

Ballet Class Intermediate Level with Dmitri Roudnev

Ballet Class Intermediate Level with Dmitri Roudnev

List Price: $ 31.99

Price: $ 31.99

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3 Responses to “Ballet Class Intermediate Level with Dmitri Roudnev”

  • Skywilloud says:

    Dmitri Roudnev is a wonderful ballet teacher and dancer(formerly of the Bolshoi) and a great credit to the ballet community, much to the benefit of the Chicago area. In this DVD we are shown a full set of barre and center exercises, very nicely explained by Mr. Roudnev. The routines are demonstrated by Jennifer Goodman of the Joffrey Ballet very effectively(although it would be nice if Mr. Roudnev gave her a few corrections, such as keeping her tendus on the floor and not letting the heel be the last thing to touch the floor when closing the working leg into fifth position demi-plie; there is no shame in being corrected, in fact, most professionals expect to be corrected occasionally in class and it is very useful to see corrections in instructional videos!). Mr. Roudnev is very active in his videos and does plenty of explaining, so you are not just watching people dance as in some other instructional videos. The image and sound are very good also. All his videos and cds are highly recommended.

  • Slava Chubchik says:

    I came upon this DVD by chance, while searching for a good ballet class. This is one of the best ballet programs I have seen in many years. Dmitri is an outstanding teacher. I highly recommend his series of ballet classes and music for ballet classes (by the way) to anybody who is after the REAL CLASSICAL BALLET.

  • Constance B. says:

    I really enjoy Dmitri Roudnev as a ballet instructor and his classical Russian approach to ballet. I use this DVD at home for extra ballet work so I can practice every day and when it is convenient. I really like the center work and instructor Roudnev’s emphasis on form, style and grace in the lines of the body as well as the head position. I very much enjoy his instruction and style – it’s what I wanted and what I need.

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