ballet classes for beginners aho are adults & overweight?

Question by Black4Hilary: ballet classes for beginners aho are adults & overweight?
do they exist and would it be too embarassing to go?

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Answer by ballerinaa :]
ballet classes do exist for adults :]

but its sounds like your embarrased.
why dont you try a hip hop class or something more fun

if you feel self concious about your body then ballet might not be for you.

try a funk/fun class for a start
then when you fell comfortable in your own skin.
try ballet :]

theres a world of opportunity out there*

hope that helps

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  • . : madie : . says:

    they most certainly exist and if you find a beginners ballet class which has adult classes chances are you won’t be the only overweight one…to tell you the truth I had a lady join my ballet class last year. well the class was extremly advanced and she was overweight but she was commited and by the end of the year she had gone down 3 sizes, no joke. so all it takes is commitment and effort and you’ll not only enjoy ballet but you will most certainly lose weight 🙂

  • Adrienne H says:

    If you find one – let me know! I’ve always wanted to learn ballet but am embaressed because I’m not a teen.

  • a.lane says:

    They totally exist! It would depend on where you live, as to what kind of dance classes are available. I know of dance classes that are for overweight women, for children with cerebral palsy, for older adults, for elderly… there are specific dance classes for all kinds of things. But, not all studios will have this. You need to call around to different studios in your area and ask what types of classes they have available.

    At least, you should be able to find an adult class. It won’t be embarrassing! You might be uncomfortable at first, but in adult classes, I’ve found everyone’s on the same level, and are extremely supportive! Women in those classes become pretty close, and are a support group for all kinds of things.

    Definitely look into it!

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