Ballet classes in NYC? beginner? Has classes for kids.?

Question by its me: Ballet classes in NYC? beginner? Has classes for kids.?
Not so expensive either? I want to take ballet.

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Answer by Artistic Lamb
Ballet? Love it ! 🙂

But dance is an expensive hobby to take up – ballet especially. And more so for kids and advanced teens. Recreational classes (the kind that I think you would be going for) will very roughly cost somewhere between $ 400 – $ 700, often more, for one dance season (early or mid September to mid or late June, depending on studio). If you want a professional school, well, that’s a whole different story.

I don’t live in NYC, but I can tell you some schools with the help from Google! 😀

There’s of course, the New York City Ballet School! One of THE best you can get at New York. But classes are pro and expensive, and they most likely won’t let you in after the audition unless you have the ballet body, which only 2% have (long arms, long toes, long neck, small round head, hyper extended legs, flat chest, 90 degree at least turnout from hip rotators, small torso, and flexibile, high-arched, banana “C” shaped feet). Here’s their website:

The Joffrey Ballet School, which you have to audition too. They have not a single word about fees and costs on their website, which is

The Broadway Dance Center. With 1 class/week it is $ 812.

I think you should just Google your area with “ballet classes” beside it. But this website has a WHOLE list of ballet schools complete with their websites in New York City.

Good luck and happy dancing!

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  • mintchip49 says:

    There are tons of beginner ballet classes in NYC. Depending on how serious you are and your age group. If you are serious and you are 11 or under there is SAB (School of American Ballet) which is a feeder school for NYCB (New York City Ballet.) If you have the body, you can get full scholarship there. Other schools that are top schools are ABT’s JKO school. Peridance down the east village., Ballet Academy East on the upper East side, Ballet Hispanico on the upper West side, Manhattan Youth ballet (near Lincoln Center) Alvin Ailey, Ballet tech. Joffrey, so many many good ballet classes.
    For a ballet academy, if you are 13 it will be much harder to get in starting that late. Then you should consider places like Peridance, Steps on Broadway open classes and Broadway Dance Center’s absolute beginner classes. The ballet academies expect a 13 year old to be en pointe already or almost ready for pointe. If you tell me your age and your goals, I can narrow the choices down for you.

    *Artistic Lamb is all wrong on the class prices. Open classes are $ 17 a class and only around $ 15 with a class card at both Steps and Broadway Dance Center, Most ballet academies will give you a scholarship if you are good enough (have the body) to get in. In no way are “long toes” a part of a ballet body.

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