belly dance lesson work out lose weight and learn to belly dance by far the best teacher! Her classes are located in London U.K Melissa BellyDance Online bel…

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet dancer, Jon Bond, teaches an advanced master class at Purchase Stars of Tomorrow…Giving Back Today! Dance studios performing…
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  • Melissa BellyDance says:

    Belly dance with me at my summer 2014 workshop classes:
    London UK Based Classes
    (4 week summer course)
    Begin 15th July 2014
    Belly Dance general level
    Dark Tribal Metal
    Totally Turkish Belly dance
    Latin Belly Dance Hip Hop
    my website is in the description

  • cheryl pellettieri says:

    I really enjoy your online classes. Do you offer the rest of this dance
    routine on you tube that you taught in this class?

  • July Alvarez says:

    Hello! Do you only teach in London? I’m from Colchester. I took belly dance
    classes for 3 years when I was living in Costa Rica but I’m missing my
    belly dance classes soooo bad. I’m really interested in taking classes.

  • TheBlueBeatle3 says:

    1:41 – What’s the name of the first song??? I absolutely love it’s speed
    and rhythm!

  • Kaydiasez says:

    I can’t contract my bum, not even sure I have one after this :(

  • Claudia Ramirez says:

    best online lesson ever! i went for two months to belly dance lessons and
    never learnt how to use my muscles like she teaches and I actually hurt my
    hips that time. Thank you very much! :D

  • Catt Weir says:

    god i wish i could move my hips like her! 

  • MMiraJeS says:

    I think this would be a fun way to workout, I am quite lazy thus I am
    looking for something to train my muscles that is fun too

  • Angelica Perez says:


  • shashini vaz says:

    at the moment i m working out…this is to tell you that i really lov this
    work i m on normal weight..i took a balanced diet+your work
    out…after doing your work out and having a wash i feel i m healthy..thx
    ….May god blez u

  • lisa williams says:

    I wish I could take lessons I live in a Small town nearest studio is
    Dallas, tx 2 hr drive darn! I enjoyed this video making me want to take

  • Delusion Dispeller says:

    I never realized what a workout belly dancing could be! WOW!

  • Margot Grabie says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Chantal Perez says:

    Omg very good

  • E. Fournier says:

    Someone please tell me the name of the second song at 6:15?!? I’ve been
    looking for this song for months!

  • Alli Lund says:

    Haha, this is really awesome, it’s just funny being an American learning
    about an Arabian dance by listening to British teachers 

  • Carol Stewart says:

    If you want a real work out try this.

  • Fiona Carpenter says:


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