BZ Community Class – Rino Nakasone – Solo

BZ Community Class - Rino Nakasone - Solo

MEET RINO NAKASONE Rino was born in Okinawa, Japan and grew up with a passion for dance. She learned how to dance watching footage of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and TLC. She moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and started to taking classes and auditions. She has been working with top choreographers in the industry and have done 3 world tours, and appeared in Awards shows like Grammy’s, AMA’s and VMA’s to name a few. Her credit includes Britney Spears, Missy Elliot, Mary J. Blige, Avril Lavigne, Chris Brown, Ciara, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, and she is one of the Harajuku girls from Gwen Stefani. You can also find her in film “You got served”, “dance Flick”, commercials like ipod, Nike, and Hard Tail. Her choreography credit includes, Common, Kovas, Big Red commercial, up coming film “Go for it”, and most famous work for SM entertainment Korean Artists like SHINee, Girl’s Generation, and F (x). She is in a crew called “Beat Freaks” who won 2nd place in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3. and have been doing a lot of activity’s and work as a crew, you can see them in Dirty Money, P Diddy’s new group music video “love come down” and they have recently performed with Shiela E. for Dizzy feet foundation. She also tought class at debbie reynalds dance studio with Maryss from paris who is also in Beat Freaks. They called The Geminiz she has also choreographed for Justin Bieber. DISCLAIMER: For Inspirational purposes only. Please respect the creative work of this choreographer
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The film follows the star student Oksana Skorik at the Perm State Ballet school in Russia. The full feature documentary film is now finished. The film is the 2nd film by Irish film director David Kinsella. The sequence shown is of Oksana dreaming of being free. you can read more about the film at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “BZ Community Class – Rino Nakasone – Solo”

  • DeadlyChinchilla says:

    I’d worry about your education before I’d worry about your dance skills. *grammar, plzkthx*

  • Gamblingsforfools says:

    You’re an idiot. :>

  • GhostGirlCam says:

    you just dont understand ballet.

  • fraroc says:

    What a cunt. 

  • Venus Robinson says:

    i do ballet to im almost 29 ponds and im 13 well all off that is dangerous bcuz you go to ballet u could brake a fucking leg

  • MakeupTeen94 says:

    Is this is Russian?

  • Flaxxseed says:

    So you should never be allowed to work in a pleasant environment? wow, how nice. Surely you get better dancers if they enjoy what they do?!

  • Flaxxseed says:

    She is basically emotionally abusing these CHILDREN who need support, they do not need to be made to feel belittled.

  • Ana Pichinini says:

    O.O <3

  • circe invidiosa says:

    Hi!…check out “The Secret Life Of Trees” on You Tube by “Tracy Bartelle”..
    it’s 75 minutes of original music …very “Enya” like!..
    Great for ballet barre and stretching too….
    it’s also available on itunes and amazon…links on the You Tube site.

  • littlesheep11 says:

    Honestly, yes I think harshness and strictness belongs to ballett! (Maybe not as cranky as this particular lady) In my studio our teacher is hard on us too, but I always know, he does it because he want´s us to get better! He once told me, heßs sorry that hes so harsh sometimes, but he want´s to see me dance. That was all that I needed to hear. When he criticises me now, I know it´s because he believes in me.

  • catherinewheel81 says:

    If you subscribe to the idea that only the meanest teachers will make you a great ballerina then I suppose you believe that the art itself is one of sadism/ masochism. This woman is inflicting pain, not just offering discipline. I suppose the question is, do you think a good ballerina is, by definition, someone who has endured this kind of treatment. If not, then one can be great, self esteem intact. I think this kind of teacher is for abuse victims who have become accustomed to it.

  • Linnea Nordin says:

    It doesn’t matter. To call the students idiots is just disrespectful and horrible. A teacher should really know better. But hey, maybe that’s a good way to teach and create enthusiasm towards dance during your lessons - to call your studens idiots I mean.

  • mosaiquedo says:

    Yes. To say “your idiot” is very bad for the pupil. Pfffffffff

  • odette9779 says:

    thats so shocking! its not fair to treat jung dancers like this.
    they gave up everything for ballet and do everything, train hard for their dream,….just give everything. teachers should be strict but not like that!!!they should at least appreciate that there are many youn talentated dancers and be glad that they do so much for ballet, its unfair to tell them that they are idiots, or that they cant dance,….they try their best, in russia something really has to change, they should have fun!

  • AnouDance says:

    This teacher is crazy and so bad .

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