Can I start pointe without having a ballet instructor?

Question by : Can I start pointe without having a ballet instructor?
I have been dancing ballet on and off for the past five years and have had lessons again for the past six months. But they have been at a dance class at my college. I don’t really have a dance instructor ad I would really like to go on pointe. I have good control in my feet and ankles and just general body structure while I dance. Do you think I could manage learning pointe on my own? An I ready for pointe shoes?

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Answer by Alex Derose
You can but not a good idea. I’ve been dancing 10 years and every single year I do ballet. I would suggest taking ballet if you do point even if you hate ballet.

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  • Loke says:

    i took a pre pointe class, and then i started on my own, since i have been dancing since i was 3. but at college i did not have time to take classes, so i just worked in my room. you can, but just be careful starting out. look online for good warmup exercises and make sure you don’t do very much pointe work your first day. it also is a good idea to do it everyday, so you keep those muscles strong. then you can use your own music and your own time.

  • Rose says:

    Honestly, no. You need to have a certified ballet instructor there to correct you on things that you may not pick up on by yourself. You may likely teach yourself bad habits (perhaps unintentionally so), but it will be even harder to learn the correct technique. Pointework is essentially an extension of regular ballet technique training – and both require a teacher present.

  • jjfhielguiavgerf says:

    No you will hurt yourself

  • pigpenguin91 says:

    No. Pointe is very dangerous if not learned properly, and the only way to learn pointe is to have a qualified ballet instructor teach you. Also, you almost certainly need more regular ballet technique training before taking pointe. 6 months of solid lessons isn’t enough, even with the 5years of on and off training. It depends how on it was, and how off it was, but generally before going on pointe you need 2-3 years of solid ballet technique. But even if you were otherwise strong enough to go on pointe, you still can’t teach yourself. You need to take classes.

  • ~ Sarah says:

    I know how tempting it is to want to go en pointe, but this is HIGHLY (very VERY HIGHLY) dangerous. I know when I was a little girl I wanted to go en pointe, and now I’m getting the shoes because I have danced since pre-k. You must have a dance teachers permission. You can break your ankles if you have not had the proper training.. And also, in AWFUL awful AwFuL aWfUl AAWWWFFFUUULLLLLLLLL cases, you would never ever EEEVVVEEERRR dance again… 🙁 (And you would NOT want that…)
    I would say no. You might think your ankles are strong (and they may be) BUT you need a dance teachers approval. You must ask if your ankles are strong enough.
    And how would you teach yourself pointe on your own? That is super super duper dangerous… I used to go en pointe all the time, without the shoes, and then I learned from my dance teacher that I may never go en pointe, if I continued to do that. Now, just imagine how bad it would be if you did that with the shoes.. I could have never gotten shoes, but you may NEVER dance again.
    Please please PLEASE don’t! I want you to be able to continue to dance.
    My advice is,

    Take more classes, and ask whoever teaches dance at your college if your ready for pointe. If he/she says yes, then go ahead! But if he/she says no, don’t worry! You’ll get them soon. You’ll soon get them. I promise. It’s worth the wait! I swear 🙂

    Keep Dancin’!


  • Michele Digesti says:

    no! you are not ready at all! you dont jusat teach urserlf dance especially pointe

  • Maria M says:

    No sorry, it’s super dangerous to you go on pointe without the guidance of a certified ballet instructor.

  • Alisha says:

    Its never good to learn pointe on your own, many people believe that there strong enough to hold that weight while on pointe but its not as easy as what you may think. there many cause were you can hurt yourself and even tho you sound like a strong dancer you must find yourself a ballet instructor and allow them to see if your able to dance en pointe and if they say you do have them teach you because if you do it on your own you can end up damaging your muscle for life

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