Can you become a really good dancer without a teacher?

Question by The Beauty Smile: Can you become a really good dancer without a teacher?
I actually I’m my own teacher… I am a hip hop dancer. I’ve never really had a dance teacher, but I practice diligently everyday, sometimes even at school between classes. I am always told that I’m a really good dancer by everyone, even some people who are almost professional. I do believe in myself greatly, and most predict a nice future for me in dance and film. Do you think I could become as good as the really good hip hop dancers later in the future?
PS: I’ve never been to more than a week of dance class.


Answer by Faleao Nogge
You should know that professional dancers who dance in music videos and on tour with singers etc. are well trained dancers. It is the job of a dancer to make everything they do look easy. Like anyone could do it. Yes, I am sure you can do some of the same steps, but it looks different on a dancer’s body who has been well trained. Professional dancers take at lest 15 hours of technique classes a week when training and continue to take daily classes even as professionals. I am talking about ballet classes as well as other classes. Elanor Scott who came in 4th on SYTYCD in the USA version, is a classically trained ballet dancer and dance major grad of LaGuardia Arts. She also studies at Alvin Ailey school in NYC. She was recently on tour with Janet Jackson as a back up dancer. That is pretty typical of the background of hip hop dancers working in the industry.
You should know that only 10% of the best trained dancers get work and only 10% of them can make a living at it.
If this is what you want to do, start taking classes. Ballet will give you the core strength and flexibility need and you can take other classes such as hip hop and modern as well. Good luck!

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