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A few nice ballet class order images I found:

The Art of the Dance
ballet class order
Image by aliceinthepoetsheartland
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"I came across this painting session in the recent ManilArt Exhibit and
the model sat there mimicking perhaps Margot Fonteyn of the Royal
Ballet taking a break from a scene with Rudolf Nureyev.

A well-known painter stood where I was gaping at him painting the
image he took of her in his celphone, in my time you see- back in
college, we had no high-technological instruments save for the brains
that had to freeze memory of images we needed to paint from rough

I remember my father who got my siblings and me started with the
appreciation of the arts by watching live ballet, opera, and classical
full orchestra concerts long before I could finish reading my first
classic novels of Heidi and Little Women; and my mother had the
gumption to enroll me in the ballet classes of a noted dancer for many
summers to no avail, however my sisters and I continue to appreciate
these concerts to this day.

Now imagine if you will, being enthralled by the paintings of ballet
dancers of the great Degas that come alive with the elegant and
enthralling music of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Vivaldi, Brahms,
Strauss.. to name a few…Sometimes it is not necessary to know the
story unfolding in ballet as with the immortal Nutcracker, a Christmas
must-see because the graceful movements of the dancers that go with
the flow of music create images in the mind that play with the
senses…The elevated feeling that culminates in affinity to the divine
is as evident in the appreciation and visceral experience of poetry,
of painting, of photography… This is the quintessential purpose of art
with its very soul made far more palpable with the heightened senses
elevated thus to the more sublime state…suddenly we see beauty in
creations and God in our midst…and then indeed there is magnificent
beauty and perfect order in the universe.

Day 36/365
ballet class order
Image by jamieanne
Normally I wouldn’t post a photo of any of my children to the general public on Flickr, but this day was really special in that my daughter really shined at her ballet class, only her second one and she just loves it. It made me feel good to know that she’s doing something that she really enjoys. This is her just before class began, doing some practice ballet dancing.

Thinking of… the Donna Hay cupcake kit I just bought and how excited I am to do a review on it; how I should be putting dishes in the dishwasher right now; what my first order from Little Betsy Baker will include.

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