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Check out these ballet class video images:

Daniel doing a yoga pose: Fruitisana (The Hot Ballet Dancer)
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Daniel says he enjoys listening to our podcast on his way to ballet class…

Daniel writes:

"I’m a relatively new listener, I only subscribed to your podcast a few weeks ago, but I have become completely addicted. I listen to you almost every morning on my way to school, or whenever I’m stuck in traffic. That can be a sizeable amount of time, as I live in Washington DC, which is number three in the nation for worst traffic.

I listen to you crazy characters religiously. I even find that it helps to soothe my road rage. Perhaps my parents will be
> pleased, I’m certain to get fewer speeding tickets.

I’ve also attached a couple of photos to this email. In case you were wondering, the first one is not a yoga pose. Or, if it is, I didn’t intend it to be. Background on me (I too am a performing artist and thus cannot resist the temptation to talk about myself): I started dancing when I was 4 years old because I saw a video of Mikhail Barishnikov that my parents took out from the local library. After watching the video I went to my mother and told her I wanted to be able to do that. And so my life as a gay man began. Ok, so not really, but that should have given it away if playing with my sister’s Barbies didn’t. Anyway, now I’ve been dancing for approximately 17 years and continue to do so at George Mason University where I am 2 semesters away from a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance. I also dance for a small upstart company called DanceTactics Performance group. We are actually performing this weekend at the DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY. It will be my very first performance in NY City, and I am VERY excited. So the point is that not only should telling you about my background include a disclaimer that I can be long-winded at times, but it is also something of an explanation for that first photograph. I’m a dancer, and I like interesting poses."

We like Daniel’s poses too.

Listen to one of Daniel’s favorite shows at:

Video #2 for 12.10.2011
ballet class video
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Sydney’s dance class had a "Peek" that we got to go & watch. This video is the ballet portion of the night.

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