Dancewear Uniforms For RAD Ballet Schools. What Will You Need?

Dancewear Uniforms For RAD Ballet Schools. What Will You Need?

It is a real privilege to be able to learn ballet by taking a RAD class – The Royal Academy of Dance. Learning how to truly express what is inside through dance is a genuine thrill and dance is a skill that should be encouraged and developed. Therefore, students from ages 2 1/2 years old or even younger- to adults may begin to learn to dance with The Royal Academy of Dance. Of course, all RAD students are required to wear proper dancewear uniforms. Particularly, as a student with The Royal Academy of Dance you will need basic practice uniforms and also attire as recommended for examinations. When it comes to finding out just what to purchase, a student can inquire at the school and speak with their particular dance instructor about what clothing and colors they prefer and advise. Visiting a class, talking to the instructor and observing the attire worn by the other students is very helpful when beginning to build a dance wardrobe. The following suggestions can give you a good picture of what is worn and what is basic practice dancewear.

Female RAD dancewear.

The basic dancewear worn is the leotard. RAD leotards from the Starlite range are called ‘Angela’ ‘ Catherine’ ‘Alexandra’ and ‘Elizabeth’. Colors are dependant on the Grade being studied so check with the school before you buy. Under the leotard is worn pink or ivory tights. Made-for-dance underwear can also be purchased. Then there are leg warmers, ballet cardigans such as the ‘Elenor from Starlite, ballet shoes and a wrap skirt. Additionally, remember something to neatly fasten and hold the hair up off the face and shoulders. A ballet bun is perfect if you have long hair.

Male RAD Dancewear.

The dancewear worn by boys and men is either a male leotard or a tight fitting lycra dance top and shorts. Or for pants there are dancewear trousers or roll-top trousers, stirrup tights, shorts or calf tights. Black ballet shoes are worn. Dance underwear and dance belts for older boys and men can also be purchased. For examinations certain colors and styles of dancewear must be worn. Check carefully before you buy online. So, when living the exciting life of a student in The Royal Academy of Dance, readiness for class includes being outfitted in proper uniforms. Students of any age may find online the right dancewear for school, a ballet wardrobe with both practice uniforms and examination uniform dancewear.

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