Do people ALWAYS expect you to be something else!! ?

Question by Caree fan!: Do people ALWAYS expect you to be something else!! ?
People always expect me to be something else and when they get to know the real me they’re always like,” You’re very “different” from what i thought you would be” and they mean it in a bad way. I take ballet and dance and i guess i do dress really “preppy and girly” and i guess people expect me to be like that but im not anywhere near it. I knew this guy that liked me and when i started talking to him about how my mom saw her grandma after she died he was like”, ok? your not what i thought you would be”. like is there something wrong with me?

About me…

I want to speak 13languages(English,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Romanian,Arabic,Hungarian,German. Serbian,Russian,Hebrew,Greek& Hindi.)

I want to star in a Bollywood Film for some reason.

I take ballet classes and want to maybe become a dancer when i grow-up.

I am in my second year of belly dancing classess

I want to learn flamenco dancing soon.
I am obessed with B movies and cult movies!
I sometimes smoke maryjane
I am obessed with anything to do with the paranormal!
I love watching John and Kate plus 8, lol.
I want to hitch hike somewhere when I grow-up.
I like all kinds of music: Country,rock,hip hop, R&B, Jazz, Classical music,Ethnic, Indie, Metal, House, dance, bollywood, Reggea, latin, mizrahi pop, you name it…
I love make-up and clothes!
I love love love cats! And i hate all other animals except cats.
I don’t like children or even babies,
I love burlesque!
I love blood sausages and beef tongue, im never picky with food lol
I find tattoo’s facinating!
I want to be world traveller, maybe.
I’m open minded too soooo many things.

I mean different things is what makes a person unique and beautiful, why should someone “excpect a person” to be one certain way? People who lable themselves as “preppy, emo, punk, jock…ect” are only building HUGE walls into discovering all the other amazing things the world has to offer them. Do you agree??


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Answer by Stacie M
Well there, you want to do a lot. Try to take one thing at a time. Learn your languages that why you know what your saying when you leave the country XD

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  • poppi-keet says:

    i think about myself when i read that. and i think i’m a really interesting person. not shallow and empty like some people are. and i like myself that way.
    firstly, i think people, especially my family is pleased with me, just the way i am. for i’m quite a moderate person and perhaps having “wild” dreams like you do too! my mother had wanted to “make” a daughter like me, she told me that. i’m happy of it of course. but sometimes, i feel inferior. like i have a very talented sis, with the model-looks. and she’s out-going and friendly and gets all the attention. but she used her talents the wrong way, turned out, well, not the way people thought she would?!

    i’m much more moderate compared to her.
    i dress very casually. very country-like. and i Love the country. i’m not living in one though. well, i’d love to be beautiful (i know i’m not, and people admit that to me too), but i have very little fashion taste. or maybe i have, but just, weird.
    and mind you, not everybody talks about their moms seeing their grandmas after they die! no wonder he looked at you like that. it’s like when i asked a friend of mine whether it’s possible my dead sis reincarnated in me. and she gave me that Look. i said sorry and walked away.
    i never mentioned IT again, until i was ready, and talked to a friend over the internet (one whom i’ll never meet) about it. she didn’t react that way, thank God!
    i believe you’re somebody with Something inside you, from the way you wrote what’s above. for empty people, do not have goals. let alone dreams.

    there Is some resemblance between you and me. for instance i love ballet too. and i only noticed my love about it when i was last year. imagine that. i went to the nearest studio and actually “danced” there for 5 months with people half of my age. i wasn’t happy there, i wanted to do something ballet-ish. plus, my health wasn’t good. no physical activities for me. so i quited. but er, now i still like doing those freestyle ballet moves in the living room, but only when no one is watching.

    and i love languages. i already speak english, mandarin, malay, and a few mandarin dialects. i wanna learn spanish, italian, polish, dutch, french, russian, latin and german. and more than any others: sign! i love sign language. and already know some of it. maybe braille? but that’ll come after sign.

    i learn piano and i love it. i wanna be a pianist in some grand ballroom (well, since i can’t dance, why not create the music for others to?) or a composer. maybe a mad one. like mozart or beethoven. ha, just me.

    and i love writing, making up stories. that could be the reason i became such a liar, but not anymore though. i’d be an author, i could write novels all my life. or i’d write in a column, become a columnist. just in case you do not know, i love pencils as well. as much as i love paper. and even more, books.

    i even wanted to be a witch! it was my dream to meet vampires and fairies. make a history in the wizarding world. invent never-known charms that could protect anybody, wizard or not, from the evil. owning an invisibility cloak like harry potter, a magical broom or a magic carpet like Aladdin. anything. i read too many harry potter books, and Wicca novels. and um, i’m a catholic, so that’s pretty not-very-good, you see.
    until now, i still wish i have some secret ability. like being able to see faeries, or to bring out characters from books like Mo and Meggie in Ink-heart could, move things just by looking at them, communicate with the dead over a crystal ball. i tried everything to be a witch. just kidding, i didn’t. but made tons of research about it.

    and i’m very deep into all those divination thingies too. um, palmistry, graphology/hand writing analysis.

    if i get to choose to take up just any other instrument after piano, it’ll be the harp. violin after harp. guitar With piano, if i could. but um, i feel guilty and greedy if i ask for too much. and i love those tribal music, like african flute and such.

    and um, i love ginger. i mean, for food. i take ginger with anything. ginger fried rice, ginger soup, or just plain ginger with rice. and i don’t like meat. esp not pork meat. chic and duck’s the most ok one for me. i love anything else besides those meat.

    my life long dream is to get away from this country. i wanna move to some european countries or some quiet, laid back country like new zealand or australia. and i wanna move Fast. i wanna go this very minute, i hate this place. i want to finish high school there. and well, this is a small issue, but i love those uniforms those high school students get to wear. those blazers and skirts, you know? we get to wear what looks the worst here. eww… well i don’t really hate school, but i’d love it more if i’m somewhere else. “american dream” it is, but dreaming often take you to where you want to be, even in real life.

    and i love chronicles. i mean novels. you know narnia? spiderwick? or trilogies like the one Golden compass is in? yeah well, i just love it. i’ll probably write a lot when i grow up. or i could start now.

    we’re livin in a very realistic world. we’re supposed to think and do and mostly ACT realistically. people expect us to do what’s necessary, to do what will earn us a living. i know people don’t like me the way i am now too, they’d want me to be less…. wild, less random. but sometimes, they just don’t understand i can’t. give them sometime. give them sometime to realise that we live in our dreams every minute of the day, not just in our sleep.

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