Free Online Ballet Classes?

Question by Mist: Free Online Ballet Classes?
Please help. I’m a 15 year old girl and I love Ballet so much, I love the graceful feeling and the fact that it lets express my emotions. My mother works by cleaning a local Ballet studio (the only one here) and she cleans when nobody else is there. So while she cleans, I dance and practice what I know which isn’t much. Anyway, I can’t attend classes there for a few reasons. The first is money issues, we don’t have any money to blow on classes. The second being my weight. I used to weigh 240 pounds, but since I started dancing and eating right I’ve dropped to 180. I don’t know how much more I can lose, and I know I’m too fat for classes. And the third is my parents plainly will not allow it. They told me I could dance at home, but that even if we had the money that it would be a wast to spend it on something we don’t need like dance. But I’m graceful when I dance and I love it so much, even though I only know a few steps and all the positions. So I guess i’m asking if anyone knows of free Ballet videos online? (And not the ones on YouTube) I know I’ll never be a professional in a company, and I’ll never make it onto Pointe without a teacher because I’ll risk major injuries and most likely do it wrong but I still can’t live without Ballet. It’s so beautiful and wonderful! Thank you all so much for your help.

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Answer by pigpenguin91
While the money is a real issue, I guarantee you, your weight is not. You are NOT too fat for dance. There’s this girl at my dance studio, who some people might call fat, because she’s kinda heavy. But you know what? She’s a FANTASTIC dancer. She’s a soloist with our company, and she’s danced lots of lead roles, on pointe, in our ballets. So really, weight doesn’t matter at all. Plus, ballet will help get you into shape.

Now, for the money problem. This is a bit of an issue, but try and find a way around it. Is it possible to work out some sort of deal with the local ballet studio? I know you say your mother works there, ask the studio if you could get lessons at a discounted price. And if that’s not possible, ask if there’s any other jobs they need done which you could do to work towards paying for classes. Also, lots of places have need-based scholarships for people who want to dance, but can’t afford it.

I know you said your parents wouldn’t allow it, but talk to them. Tell them that this is something you’re passionate about. See if you can get a job baby-sitting, or even doing something around the house which your parents would pay you for. Anything at all which could help count towards ballet.

Because, sadly, you can’t learn ballet online. It’s just not possible to take online ballet classes. You really need a proper instructor who can see what you’re doing, and correct you if you’re wrong. Otherwise you will learn poor technique, and you will end up injuring yourself. So, please, talk to your parents and talk to the local ballet studio, and see what can be done.

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  • Jennifer says:

    i know how you feel. but, to be honest, it’s very hard to learn ballet online. there isn’t a teacher there to tell you what you’re doing right or doing wrong.

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