Hip Hop Dancing – Get Fit With Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop Dancing – Get Fit With Hip Hop Dance Classes

Ever fancied trying out a Hip Hop dance class?

The world has quite possibly gone dance crazy… But are you joining in the fun?

Everybody loves to strike a pose and groove to the music when their favourite song comes booming out over the speakers at your friends party or even on a Saturday night in your regular club.

Dancing, for many of us is part of ‘Having a great night out.’ Letting our hair down and just for a short while escaping from many of the pressures and stresses we may have in our day to day lives.

Hip-Hop dancing is not just for the younger generation, all ages and all abilities can take part in a class and really get the best out of being active, enjoying yourself, keeping fit and burning from 400 – 600 calories in just 1 hour.

Hip Hop dance has the freedom of expression like all aspects of dance. Unlike Ballet & Jazz, there isn’t a name for every step or a syllabus to follow just yet, so pretty much anything goes, which means anyone can take part in the dance class and feel great about themselves afterward. Dancing gives us a sense of achievement and leaves us energized and usually hungry for more.

Whether you turn up to a new dance class on your own or even with a group of friends, Hip Hop dance classes can be a great way to make new friends and meet new people with similar interests to your own. Hip Hop lessons are not as regimental as Ballet or Modern Theatre. The pop, hip hop music alone provides a more relaxed, fun and friendly environment to learn in.

These type of dance moves are about creativity, dynamics, vision, rhythm and looking down right cool even if it is just for the class duration.

Join a dance class today with Kinetix Dance Dublin & Louth and be taught by some of the best teachers in Ireland and take a part in one of the most popular styles around. Dance to all the out now tunes by artists such as Neyo, JT, Taio Cruz, Kanye, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Jay Z and many many more – the list goes on. Dance hard enough, practice harder and one day it could be you on MTV.

To enjoy dancing and the health benefits gained from dance, visit Kinetix Dance School Dublin. We offer a range of dance classes for adults and children including Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Latin, Zumba and Popmobility Tone & Flex

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