Home Ballet Class?

Question by quietdancer: Home Ballet Class?
I do ballet for 1 and a 1/2 hours a week, however, I do about 5 hours of dance a week. How can I give myself a “ballet class” and make sure I’m doing the exercises enough and right? Go through what you think I should do first, second, third, etc….

EX: “stretching, 30 releves, 15 passes, practice pirouettes…” u know stuff like that
I cant take more classes, so I want to do my own class. i’m not teaching myself anything (I already have done ballet), I just want to get more flexible and stronger.

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Answer by Emma-Leigh M
one way is to practice in front of a mirror so you can tell if you are doing it right. and also just by the way it feels. (depending on how advanced you are you might be able to tell by the way it feels but if not the mirror will work great)

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  • Lola H says:

    you should never teach yourself ballet because it can lead to bad technice and incorrect movement. the only ballet you can do at home to make your arches better and your legs stronger is to do 16 releves in each position. i would reccomend just taking more classes!

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