How can I keep my neck loose during ballet class?

Question by shortnsweet: How can I keep my neck loose during ballet class?
I tend to always tense my neck during ballet class and while I try not to it causes me to perform more poorly. My instructor is constantly telling me to loosen it but I just can’t seem to be able to concentrate on the combinations and how Im performing them while keeping my neck loose. Any suggestions on how to over come this bad habit?

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Answer by Sammy
Try to tense your leg muscles more than your neck?
Relax your shoulders too, that works for me.

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  • Devi says:

    Women hold a lot of tension in their neck and shoulders when stressed (or concentrating in this case). I have an issue with shrugging my shoulders all the time. To fix this issue you need to constantly do a check when you’re dancing: check to see if your neck is tense.

    Imagine your neck is light as a feather, soft and smooth like silk, etc. to help you mentally release the tension. Do a head roll in class to physically release it when you feel it happen. Keep reminding yourself all throughout class “Is my neck tense?”. This really helped me start to get rid of my tense shoulders.

    DANCE magazine has some tips about this in the Feb. issue.

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