How do you know if you have ballet feet?

Question by Beth: How do you know if you have ballet feet?
And what’s the ideal ballet body?

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Answer by Dave
i think anyone can get ballet feet, they don’t really have any fat on them and you can see the muscle quite clearly. a ballet body
long legs (compared to torso) tall
small head
long neck
small bust and back side
i think theres more, i cant remember right now

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  • Caterina says:

    Well, anybody of any shape and size who sets their mind to it can learn ballet 😀

    -Stand in COMFORTABLE (make sure you are balanced and NOT leaning forward) ballet first position (don’t try to force turn out). Petit plie in first and the angle your knees turn out. If your knees are turned out at a 180 degree angle … you have PERFECT turnout and you’re going far as a ballerina 😀

    Also if when sitting on the floor with your legs straight and extended in front of you, point your toes. If your feet can arch enough that your toes can touch the floor, you are also going far as a ballerina.

    If you don’t have ballet feet right now, don’t worry. Just keep practicing your plies in comfortable turnout and pretty soon perfect turnout will be natural for you … same with the feet (be careful not to overdo it) just stretch them and point them and practice your ballet with pointed feet at all times.

  • mintchips49 says:

    Ballet feet have a high arch and a high instep. You have to be born with that as that is bone structure. You cannot change the height of your arch, but you can get a more flexible foot and strong point by working your feet.
    A ballet body is more than just being the right height and weight. You could be as thin as a tooth pick and not have one. However, it is only important for a ballet career and anyone can take ballet class no mater their size or shape. A ballet body will have high arched feet and a high instep (top bump.) It would have 90 degrees of natural turnout coming from each hip coming from the hip rotators. Long stretchy achilles tendons, long legs, long arms and long neck and a short torso. Slightly hyper-extended knees and a small round head along with a few other things that go into making a nice line in ballet. Height would be 5′ 2″- 5″ 8″ tall with a few exceptions on either end of the spectrum. That would be very dependent on the specific company.That being said, not every professional ballet dancer has a long neck for instance. Turnout, feet, and line are most important.

    This is Sylvie Guillem. She has an ideal ballet body. Check out her legs and feet in this picture.
    While most professional ballet dancers don’t look quite like that, you can check out my profile picture to see a more common “ballet body.”

    *EDIT:Only 2% of the population is born with a ballet body. For a ballet career, you have to be born with body, facility and musicality. No amount of training can change those things.

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