How expensive are beginner dance and swimming lessons?

Question by RainbowZebra <3: How expensive are beginner dance and swimming lessons?
I’m a teenager who wants to learn to swim and dance, but I don’t know how expensive lessons would be. For dance, I would want to take beginner ballet classes, just for fun to learn a little. For swimming, I would just want to take beginner classes on stuff like basic strokes and breathing, and try to work on building up swimming strength throughout the year. I know that prices are different depending on where you go, but what would you say the average prices would be?

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Answer by Matt
You can take group lessons, depending on the length and place you go they can range from 50 for a week to over 100. If you want private lessons you are going to be paying a lot over 100.

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  • Swim Man says:

    It depends largely on where you live. In the mid-west swimming lessons are between 30 and 40 dollars for a group lesson 8 lessons, half hour each. I would advise getting private lessons, however, as you will get one on one attention the entire time. They run from 50-80 dollars for 4 lessons, half hour each. The price depends on the teacher as well. More experience equals more money.

    I have no experience with the dance thing though. Good luck with that.

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