how long does it taketo start begining ballet and get to pointe?

Question by Chloe: how long does it taketo start begining ballet and get to pointe?
Im 14. and i love ballet ive been praticeing in my room for about the past month my parents cant afford a teacher. I want to get to pointe as fast as possible so i can get into a fine arts program for college . IM 5’2 about 100 pounds and am very flexible. anything that will help me prepare for “en pointe” i have very strong ankles and legs .please help!!!!!

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Answer by christine
well, most girls start ballet between the ages of 3-5, maybe 6, and don’t go on pointe until they’re 11-13. so it takes about 7-8 years to get the experience/strength to do so. and although you’ve been practicing in your room, to be strong enough for pointe, you’re going to have to pay for classes. Dance schools can teach you proper alignment and stretching/strengthening techniques that you just can’t learn by yourself. And not only that, but a dance teacher will be able to demonstrate in class and help you in ways that other means of learning just cannot. and sadly, there really is no “fast track” to pointe; the girls that go professional have been doing it since they were essentially in diapers and have been taking it for like 10+ hours a week for pretty much their whole lives. so if you want to get into a fine arts program, maybe pick up modern dance or an instrument? would be a lot easier and would cause you far less strain on your feet.

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  • Mockingjay says:

    Sorry to say, but practicing in your room isn’t helping that much. Are you sure you’re doing the techniques right? How are you learning? You seem to be in good physical condition so that will make dance easier. I know you can’t afford it, but getting a teacher would help you tremendously. Ballet is a great sport, and I hope you really take it seriously. Good luck, I have faith in you

  • ? says:

    Do lots of ankle, and core exercises!!!!
    Good luck 🙂

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