How should I dress up for my halloween ballet class?

Question by Dancinbeby: How should I dress up for my Halloween ballet class?
My ballet teacher is letting us dress up for our ballet class, and i don’t really have any idea what to be. I have tons of old dance costumes, but I’m not sure which ones will still fit. any ideas?
-need to be able to dance in (not baggy, etc.)
-need to be remotely comfortable
-possibly be understandable (not something that would be hard for someone to guess) and cute!

Halloween ballet class

Halloween ballet class

Answer by poppygir
well, I don’t know if this would be considered cute..but, you can use one of your dance costumes and make yourself look like a ballet dancer from the dead? Make your face really white and and look like a zombie, it should work with any type of makeup. Maybe to be a little cuter make it look like a little gothic girl? hope that helps!

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  • dance!♥ says:

    i think it would be so cute if you were a fairy or something from a ballet!! try giselle the sugar plum fairy or maybe even a swan from swan lake!

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