How To Choose The Right Ballet Class For Your Child

How To Choose The Right Ballet Class For Your Child

If you find that your child loves to dance to music or has asked you before about taking dance lessons, you may want to consider enrolling your child in a reputable dance school. But many parents may not know what to look for when choosing the perfect school. Choosing the right class can be the difference between a child who likes going to dance class and a child who despises it. Many children can truly benefit from having some dance discipline in their life. Here are a few pointers to look for when choosing the right ballet or dance class for your child.

Keep a few dance classes and instructors in mind. Ask other parents in your child’s school if they know of a good dance school that is near to your house. Traveling long distances for a good dance school is unnecessary if there is already a good school near your home. Gas costs for traveling to the dance school should be taken into consideration. Most dance classes meet once a week, while others may meet several times a week. Having a dance school near to your home cuts back on traveling and gas costs. However, the distance between your home and the dance school shouldn’t be the only thing you keep in mind.

Your child’s age also plays a big role in the decision to take ballet classes. On average, children are ready to undergo dance discipline when they are about eight years old. If your child is under this age, you may consider putting him/her into a pre-ballet class. These types of classes are perfect for young children who would like to dance, but are not yet physically prepared to do so. Enrolling your young child in a regular ballet class may actually be more harmful than beneficial. Young children’s leg muscles and bones may not be equipped to handle some of the more complicated poses that ballet demands. Schools that encourage professional and formal ballet at a very young age may not be the right school for you and your child.

Don’t be afraid to visit the school and watch the beginner’s lesson before enrolling your child. If the children look like they are having fun while also being taught by a good instructor, this may be the perfect school for your child. However, if the children look upset, tired, and drained, you may want to keep looking for other schools. Be sure to watch how the instructor interacts with the children. Keep in mind that this teacher will have complete control of your child for a few hours every week. Leaving your child with a teacher who is incompetent is not a good idea. When it really comes down to it, as long as your child is in a good dance school, he/she will have a rewarding hobby and after-school activity to look forward to.

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