How to comoletely warm up your body before ballet class?

Question by Gods: How to comoletely warm up your body before ballet class?
I need to work on getting fully warmed up everywhere.

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Answer by Dancingdiva
Start with your feet
-do normal rises
-then rises starting with bent knees and straighting them when your on a full rise
-tendu out flex your foot, point it again then close

Now work your legs and hips
-butterfly and frog stretch
-splits (both sides and middle)
-pilés with small bounces

Now your body
-put your leg on the bar and stretch over to it
-put both hands on the bar and arch back

Now to makes sure your whole body is warm do some small jumps (specifically sautés)

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  • mintchips49 says:

    You do not start with stretches as suggest in the other answer. You have to warm up BEFORE you do ANY stretching. You do anything that gets your heart rate up, without doing anything to stress your joints. My daughter would always walk to class as it was a healthy distance and easy to do in NYC. But, if that is not possible arrive early and start warming up. Here is a taste of a warm up by Finis Jhung ( just the first minute of this clip.) You could do something like this or similar to get your body going. Even just prancing in place then in circles will do it. THEN you start your stretches. Those you should know what to do from your teacher’s instructions..

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