How to prepare for restarting ballet after two years?

Question by : How to prepare for restarting ballet after two years?
I danced ballet for 8 years and quit in early ’09. Lately I’ve missed it A LOT and plan on starting again at the end of summer. I was at level 5, which at the studio I was going to, was 1 level before starting pointe.

•What stretches/exercises should I do?
•How can I brush up on my ballet terms?
•Should I go back in at a lower level?

Also; I’m 14 years old.

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Answer by DaisyChain<3
Hello 🙂

-Stretches can be anything just to make you more supple again, work towards splits, reaching your toes and frogs (sitting up right, on your stomach, and back.) Excercises that may be useful are stomach excersises such as sit ups, as all core strength comes from there.

-I would learn the words for the 7 basic movements in ballet as ALL steps are made up of them:
1. plié ~to bend
2. sauté ~to jump
3. relever ~to rise
4. étendre ~to stretch
5. glissade ~to glide
6. tourner ~to turn
7. élancer ~to dart

Some other useful vocab, can be found here:

-You may wish to enter a level lower, but not by much as I’m sure it’ll soon come flowing back to you. You could spend a few weeks in a lower class and quickly move up to your original class again.

Good luck!

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  • abilena13 says:

    Stretches will really help you!! Do you splits, put your leg on a chair or table and lean forward trying to keep your back flat….go into a straddle and try to put your stomach on the floor, really anything! Look up videos on youtube to find some more stretches 🙂

    For ballet terms, get a ballet dictionary 😀

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