How to Select a Ballet Leotard Online

How to Select a Ballet Leotard Online

It’s always exciting when it’s time to buy a new ballet leotard. No matter how many times you’ve shopped around it’s always surprising just how many different styles are available. Not so long ago, you would have visited your local dance shop and chosen a leotard from a relatively limited range. However, the internet brings a whole host of online retailers that offer an enormous choice of leotards.

There are simply hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs of leotard available! Almost all of these are a variation of one of the basic leotard designs – tank, camisole, cap sleeve, long sleeve, and polo neck. The sheer amount of choice can make it exceedingly difficult to decide which one you want so this article is here to help you make the right choice.

When choosing your leotard from an online retailer, the biggest influence on your decision will no doubt be the design of the leotard itself as represented by the image. It’s therefore easy to choose a leotard simply based on its design unlike in a shop where you may try it on for fit. You therefore need to first decide exactly what you are buying your leotard for. If you’re buying it for dance classes then it may be worth buying a more basic design such as a tank leotard, as these are extremely durable and can be used for almost any style of dance.

Another thing to consider is whether the dance school you are part of has a particular uniform. Many teachers implement a very strict dance code for all abilities so make sure you check this out first. You certainly wouldn’t want to set your heart on a leotard that you’re not able to use! So, it’s always a good idea to have a chat to your dance teacher before you go shopping.

If you’re buying your leotard for an audition then you may have a little more freedom though you will still need to give your choice some careful consideration. Make sure the leotard you choose suits the style of your audition piece and compliments the form of your body and shape as much as possible. If you need a little help, why not have a think about the leotards you already own or ones you’ve worn for previous shows, which you’ve felt particularly comfortable in, or one in which people have been very complimentary about your appearance. This is very important as by choosing a leotard which looks good as well as feels good will help you feel comfortable and at ease when you perform thus helping you give your best possible performance and best chance at success. It is suggested by some that wearing a bright coloured leotard can help you stand out in an audition and get remembered by the audition panel who may be auditioning a very large number of dancers but it’s worth checking out the audition guidelines first, as this may state that you’re required to wear a particular coloured leotard.

As well as the image of the leotard, it’s also worth checking out the product description to find out as much information as possible about it. In a shop, you can pick up the leotard, touch and feel it whereas you’re unable to do this online. You should therefore read the product description to find out what the leotard is made from as this will influence the way you need to care for it. The easiest fabrics to care for are cotton and lycra blends as they can simply be thrown into the washing machine whereas other fibres may need hand washing.

Most specialist online dancewear retailers will offer size charts specific to the brand of leotard you are purchasing. It’s always a good idea to measure yourself and take a look at these to make sure you choose a leotard that provides a good fit. You will know how well fitting the leotard is when it is delivered so be sure to try it on before you wear it for dance classes as most retailers will exchange the leotard for a different size as long as it hasn’t been worn and is in its original packaging. When you try it on, move around a little by leaning to the sides, forwards and backwards, and lift your arms to see whether there is any slipping, gaps or pinching.

So, in summary, the key to choosing the best leotard from an online retailer is to take your time and think carefully about your choice. There’s no need to rush! Use the pointers I’ve given you above to narrow down your choices as much as possible. Have fun hunting!

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