I have a question about ballet…?

Question by Hey: I have a question about ballet…?
I currently am taking a classical ballet class. I was wondering the order of the steps. For example, we always start with pila then tondues, etc. I was wondering what the complete order is supposed to be. I am going to teach a class tomorrow so I want to know the order.
I was also wondering if you knew any good stretches for your ankles and feet and core.

Thank you very much 🙂

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Answer by V.Nijinsky ✩
Every teacher’s barre is different, so there really is no “correct order”. You may want to look at David Howard’s barre. He has several videos out. His barre is great.
For ankles and feet you can do releves and eleves. Pointe and flex your feet. Write the alphabet with your feet. Core takes time to build up, but anything that works your mid section and abs like crunches.

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  • Tori Sullivan says:

    well ive taken ballet since 3rd grade, good stretches, would be bending, and trying to go into a complete split. ect.

  • CJJ!! says:

    when id teach id use a book and follow its lessons…

    warm up first
    grand plies- 1st, 2nd, 5th x2
    tendus- front side back
    ronds de jambe


    how ever you wish

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