Internet Marketing Management – Three Secrets to Igniting Your SEO Return on Investment

Internet Marketing Management – Three Secrets to Igniting Your SEO Return on Investment

As I’ve said before, put at its simplest, a good Internet Marketing management strategy is going to make it easy for the people who want what you have to find you.

Like most professionals with a web presence, you likely recognize the value of search engine optimization. After all, who’d turn down organic, highly-targeted web traffic?

So you know where you want to end up on the SEO front. But where does one start?

Secret #1: Keyword Research

Once you’ve nailed down your basic strategy, Internet Marketing management begins with keyword research.

You want to uncover keyword phrases which:

are relevant to your product or service
generate sufficient traffic to make optimizing for them worthwhile, and
have relatively light competition

To generate a list of potential keywords, start by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience. What words would you use if you were the one searching?

Play around with these phrases a bit. If you add a geographic reference (e.g., ballet classes in Baltimore), how does that affect the level of search engine traffic and competition? What about if you add a gender reference (e.g., ballet classes for girls) or skill level (ballet for beginners, or beginner ballet classes)?

Narrow your choices down to four or five keyword phrases to start.

Secret #2 – On-Page SEO

It will come as no surprise that once you’ve selected your keyword phrases, you need to make sure that you’re including these phrases in your website content.

Remember to write for people first, and search engines second. In other words, when you weave your keyword phrases into your content, you need to do this in such a way that your writing makes sense to the people reading it.

You may find it easiest to limit yourself to one keyword phrase per page when you’re starting out.

Be sure to include your keyword phrase in your first paragraph; your last paragraph; and one to four times in the middle, depending on the length of your page.

But don’t stop there! There are several other places you can incorporate your keywords, such as:

Page title
Meta description
H1 headline (but remember, it must make sense to the reader!)
alt-image tag, if you have an image on the page
Page URL
and more…

Secret #3 – Link Building

Google loves to see relevant, one-way links going back to your website. You can do much to generate these links, so don’t leave this Internet Marketing management traffic-builder on the table!

For instance, taking the earlier example of dance, let’s say a studio owner wants to create a series of videos with ballet tips. She could start by optimizing her videos with keywords.

To show you how this might look, see below:

Fictional Case Example: Madame Fifi’s School of Ballet
Keyword Phrase: Ballet for Beginners

Video Title: Ballet for Beginners – How To Develop Gorgeous Ballerina Posture

Video Description: www. madamefifisballet. com Discover how easily you can start to develop the beautiful posture of a prima ballerina with this fun, ballet for beginners warm-up routine. Check out other great tips at

Perhaps Madame Fifi will choose to embed this video in a blog post (remember that blog categories and tags can use keywords, too!). She then publicizes the blog post to her social media followers and friends and submits it to three social bookmarking sites. Just by doing this, Madame Fifi has created multiple relevant, one-way links back to her web presence!

So there you have three secrets to Internet Marketing management bliss. To recap, start with keyword research. Use those phrases to optimize your website or blog for the search engines. Finally, craft a link-building strategy to increase search engine listings and ranking and to create conduits for targeted traffic.

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