Kayaking For Beginners

Kayaking For Beginners

Kayaking is a great way to spend time out in nature with good friends and great times. If you are just starting out, there are some things that you should learn before heading out into the water.

As a beginner, you will benefit greatly from taking a class. Being properly trained to kayak can mean the difference between having a safe and enjoyable experience, and finding yourself up a creek without a paddle (bad jokes aside). Being trained by a knowledgeable instructor is the best way to start out. It is also a great idea to kayak with a decent size group of people. When you go out with a group, it is inevitable that some kayakers will be more experienced than others. You can learn from them, drawing on their expertise and experience. They will have tips to share with you, and can help take your kayaking to the next level.

When you take a class, they will teach you the necessary techniques, the essential supplies to carry with you, the required equipment, and most importantly the safety procedures which will ensure that you return to land. It is very important to learn these things before you ever get into the water. Pay close attention to the safety lesson, safety procedures need to be second nature so that when an emergency arises, you can perform them while emotions and stress levels are high.

Get the right equipment. If you can afford to, it is better to buy your equipment rather than renting it. The two most important things to purchase are your paddles and your life jacket. When purchasing paddles, keep your height and your stroke style in mind. Using a paddle that is too long or too short can negatively affect your learning and execution of paddling technique. Generally paddles are around 230 cm in length, this will vary slightly though. Before you ever step foot in the water, you will need to purchase a life jacket. It is imperative that you wear one every time you go out kayaking! It is very important that it fit properly and be a reflective color or have enough devices on it to make you visible in the dark. If you ever see any wear or damager on your life jacket, fix it or replace it immediately. You don’t ever want to be without one.

With the right training and equipment, kayaking can be a wonderful sport for people of all ages.

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