Music For Ballet Class

Music For Ballet Class

Music For Ballet Class

List Price: $ 9.49

Price: $ 9.49

City Class

City Class

What makes a class in New York City different from most other places? Besides the sweltering studio temperatures, the frenzy of getting to class on time, the live music, and being able to find a world renowned teacher any time of the day, it’s the community of dancers who have made ballet class a regular part of their lives. City Class is a recording for advanced ballet class. 30 tracks of blues, torch songs, jazz and Broadway.

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5 Responses to “Music For Ballet Class”

  • C. Rosenberger "Bach lover" says:

    There are lots of tracks, with a good variety of styles. I prefer simple piano music for class. I would recommend this.

  • Anonymous says:

    I teach multiple ballet classes everyday and my “go-to” ballet CD was getting stale. I bought this because it has a lot of tracks on it, and is something different. The music sounds like you are at a carnival, and works well for the younger students, who also seem to like it – but for the older girls I am back to my other CD. It sounds almost “Babyish” to me. I don’t know a better way to describe it – I’m glad that I have it, as it gives me some more options when it comes to class music – there are a variety of time signatures available, and different tempos – so different exercises work well, especially across the floor work. But overall it’s not my favorite, but not the worst either. Glad that I have it.

  • N. Heidtman "classical music lover" says:

    I use this music with a senior exercise program. We need the consistent tempos of a dance class, but most of the seniors are not classical music lovers so the variety of musical styles on this disk is great. I do wish that some of the selections had a more obvious beat to them as folks are really concentrating on patterns and movement and don’t want stop to find the beat. OVerall this is a very useful disk for any movement class.

  • Roberto Munoz says:

    Here we go again…I shouldn’t be surprise at the new work that Steven has produced. Steven is a wonderful musician, that understand the relationship between music and dance. Hi sensibility to movement, knowledge of the ballet technique, coupled with his wonderful musicality, make him one of the best, if not the best class/rehearsal accompanist of our times. Steven’s selection of the wonderful tunes on his “City Class”, are exquisitely arranged and makes for a great experience in the class room.
    It is the option to not having Steven at the piano in your dance studio! Kudos!!
    Roberto Munoz, Executive Director Gulfshore Ballet & Co-Director Saratoga Summer Dance Intensive.

  • Lisa Slagle says:

    Steven Mitchell has given us wonderful music again for class…just when you’re needing something different and inspirational here it is! It will bring a smile to your face while you’re teaching, especially if you are familiar with some of the Musicals and the Artists’ music that he has adapted for class. You’ll have to remind your students though not to sing to some of them. I highly recommend it!
    Lisa Slagle, Director, Ballet Academy of Texas

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