New York City Ballet Workout

New York City Ballet Workout

New York City Ballet Workout

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Learn to develop lean abs, firm glutes, sculpted legs, strong arms, perfect posture-and a dancer’s grace and poise. Created by Ballet Master Peter Martins and New York City Ballet in association with New York Sports Club, featuring company dancers, this is a workout you’ll love: stretches and exercises that blend art with fitness. Introduced by Sarah Jessica Parker. Sponsored by Lanc(tm)me. DVD has many extras. 90 min.

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3 Responses to “New York City Ballet Workout”

  • Miki Smith says:

    This DVD is excellent for toning and lengthening your muscles, and will definitely work up a sweat. The workout is divided into 17 segments, which can be viewed all at once, one at a time, or as part of four sections. Exercises 1-4 are warm ups, includes some dance steps that get your blood pumping and some nice stretching. 5 & 6 work your abdominals. 7-9 are “floor barre,” which means you lie on your back and keep everything stable except the moving leg — very effective. 10-16 are leg work, such as degagees, tendus, and grand battements. Finally, 17 is a cool down with some stretching. Note that there is no instructor-led dance segment after all that barre/center work, as there is in a dance class.

    There is one main thing I don’t like about this DVD — the verbal cuing is terrible. At the very end, the narrator says, “Rather than follow my instructions, follow the dancers, the music, and listen to your body.” Yeah, well, tell me how to follow the dancers with my face in my knees. A few viewings should make this much less of a problem, but the first times through may be frustrating, especially during the (almost silent) cooldown, when your neck is craned around to see what’s going on.

    I don’t know if someone with no ballet experience would find this DVD very rewarding. Although no special equipment is required, there is no explanation of technique, and the narrator makes frequent use of ballet terminology. Perhaps in conjunction with one of the ballet instruction videos or books, this would be better for beginners, but I think a semester of ballet classes would be more reward for the money in that case.

    Given those caveats, this is a great workout to intersperse with your other strength and aerobics workouts.

  • Jenna Fern says:

    I’ve wanted to buy a workout video for some time now, but I was put off by the blonde, perky, caffeinated aerobics instructors that seem to saturate the market. I bought this DVD with the hopes that it would be sophisticated, relaxing, challenging, and inspiring. It did NOT disappoint. The dancers are beautiful, the music soothing–not that you’re listening when you’re trying to hold an arabesque or do the dreaded abdominal segment.

    Like other reviewers, I have to agree that this workout doesn’t live up to its claim that everyone can do it. Not only are the movements not explained, I don’t feel that the video reminded you enough to straighten your back, tuck your tummy in, not stick out your rear, keep your arms held up, head straight etc. etc…all fundamental elements in ballet form (and really important for building strength, balance, etc.) I’d recommend that anyone using this video have had some basic ballet training in the reasonably recent past. (I took four years of ballet while in college…I stopped about four years ago, when I graduated.) Also, I consider myself as having above-average coordination, and the second warm-up movement taxed it a bit. (On the other hand, it’s nice to know that I’ll have something to grow into.)

    That aside, the DVD was wonderful. The options to turn off the audio commentary and change the music are terrific, and the interviews with the dancers are fun. I hope that any other workout video that I buy is as entertaining as this one!

  • Anonymous says:

    This video will give you a good workout if you stick with it and try to improve each time. You will see results in strength, posture and flexibility. I have some background in ballet so I didn’t have the problem that i think the average viewer would, which is that he uses ballet terms without describing them. It’s basically a “watch and do” video, but is inconsistent in that it takes greater time with some things and less at others. I find it helpful because I need a class or tape to follow along to or I just won’t finish my workout. It won’t make you sweat, necessarily, however you get out of it what you put in. If you take the time to stretch a little bit further each time, and push yourself then it’s a great video. I’m trying to get back into shape for dance and for me it really serves my purpose. I thought it was a little too “Presentational” for my taste, showing off the dancer’s moves and bodies (in smoke backgrounds) more than actually helping you to achieve proper form. The narrator’s cues are often way off from the movements that the dancers are doing, which I find pretty annoying, but I still think you can get a lot out of this DVD. I recommend the DVD over the video because you can skip the introduction easily or skip to any part of the workout, in case you decide to only do certain parts each day or want more conditioning in one area. For ballet dancers: It is comprised of basic exercises, from a basic warmup, to some stretching, then tendu, degage, grand battement, plie, passe, etc. For non ballet dancers, it’s a chance to learn (by watching) what all of those things I just mentioned are.

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