Nice Ballet Terms photos

A few nice ballet terms images I found:

Platform 4: aerial ballet
ballet terms
Image by Stuart Grout
Platform 4: Candoco & Scarabeus perform in St. Anne’s Square Manchester.

Reminiscent of the film "The Gymnast" in terms of the aerial work, if less "adult".

Grove near the Koch Ballet Theater
ballet terms
Image by wwward0
The benches are meant to appear as if they’re floating, and it’s actually a well-done illusion at night. As with many of the public spaces around Lincoln Center and the neighboring Riverside Park South, this area holds for me an inspiring emptiness, accompanied by the cold air – that invokes a sense of the space being reduced to a bare framework of the senses, with minimal color, primitive forms, and a touch of nature, submissive to the whim of the designer, and dominated by the design. I’m still coming to terms with how that shapes my perception of the world in a more generalized manner.

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