Online Ballet Class – Center work petit adagio

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Ballet Lessons : Perform a Pirouette

When performing a pirouette in ballet, allow the head to move freely, keep the arms in the port de bras position and keep the legs on the balls of the feet. …
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15 Responses to “Online Ballet Class – Center work petit adagio”

  • Grace R says:

    This did not help me, I had it lovely before, now I can’t do it right 🙁

  • لتال نلخ says:

    كملي الله يقويكي love

  • TheJadeRegina says:

    She looks as though she just learned how to do a pirouette for the video, I highly doubt she actually does ballet and if she did, she isn’t very good.

  • Shannon Hasbrouck says:

    This turn is my most favorite move when im dancing and i did this for years and i have good balance on one leg. When I did this the very first time, i did not even fell or messed up. Every time i dance I always turn like this each day.

  • Hannah Z. Sunny says:

    how do you write those two turns? sounds like “an de jour” and “an de dant” but i’m not sure.

  • Hannah Laudon says:

    thank you so much. that really helped!

  • mobymickmj says:

    I think she’s a great ballet dancer!

  • Danielle Paul says:

    and that isnt really fourth…where is the turn out and why arent your feet behind each other/in line with each other?

  • Danielle Paul says:

    as she falls out of the turns….

  • Mark Vangemert says:

    Lay off the carbs and lose some of that extra pounds!!

  • Rose Flower says:

    You May Not Think That There Is Anything Crucially Wrong With The Technique In These Pictures. But In The Ballet World, It’s The Difference Between A Good Dancer And a Great Dancer.

  • gymnastgirl50 says:

    i keep losing my balance i would just bump into someone or something

  • LikeThisInfo says:

    Ballet is exercise; ballet is love. Therefore, exercise is love

  • fullmetalchibifreak says:

    Pronunciation of the terms were incorrect, technique was not up to par; to name a few, her hands were too close together in fifth en avant, centre of balance was off on the supporting leg, and foot was not pointed correctly. This was an awful video and not something that should not be looked to as an example of correct ballet technique.

  • MaddyBelmont says:

    Help? Why is she spinning on the front leg? I’ve been spinning on the back leg this whole time o.O am I doing it wrong?

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