Put On A Nice Ballet Leotard For Training In The Royal Ballet School

Put On A Nice Ballet Leotard For Training In The Royal Ballet School
Some people dream of becoming famous ballet dancers since their early childhood. A young boy or a little girl wearing a snug ballet leotard and a pair of pointe shoes on their training workouts may dream of being accepted in the Royal Ballet School of London. This school has a solid reputation among ballet dancers and is considered to be one of the best in the world.

The history of the Royal Ballet School goes back to 1926 when Dame Ninette de Valois founded the Academy of Choreographic Art. She had a dream of founding her own ballet company and a ballet school. She collaborated with Lilian Baylis who was a manager of Old Vic theatre to reach her goal. Later they acquired the Sadler’s Wells theatre and named their company The Sadler’s Wells Ballet. In 1946 the company moved to the Royal Opera House where it still operates today. Today there are only highly qualified and experienced choreographers who train and educate students for The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and other world famous ballet companies. Almost every aspired ballet dancer in a comfortable ballet leotard may have a goal of performing for those top international companies.

It is interesting that today the Royal School of Ballet has two main divisions: the Lower School and the Upper School. The Lower School offers a five year program for young students from the age of eleven till the age of sixteen. Every student puts on a stretchable ballet leotard and a pair of ballet shoes before dancing classes. They include not only classical ballet but also Contemporary, Gymnastics, Morris and Scottish dancing as well as Repertoire, Solos and Pas de Deux. Proper attention is always paid to an academic program which is very important for students of the Royal Ballet School.

The Upper School offers a three year program in classical ballet training for students aged sixteen to eighteen. It is essential for students to have a high quality outfit that usually includes a stretchable ballet leotard, a pair of comfortable ballet shoes and a pair of flexible tights. For the first two years young dancers study a wide range of subjects that include Character, Repertoire, Contemporary, Stagecraft, Make-up, Body Conditioning and Gym work for male students. Students gain dancing experience performing with the Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet in their final year. It is essential for the students of the Royal Ballet School to be good not only at dancing but also at academics.

The Royal School of ballet is considered to be one of the most prestigious schools of classical ballet. It is worth mentioning that there is a special dress code for students in this world famous school of ballet. It includes a flexible ballet leotard, a pair of ballet tights combined with a pair of ballet shoes. The Royal School of Ballet offers a thoroughly planned eight year course of education for its students to help them gain all the required skills and knowledge for their future career in the world of dancing.

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