Q&A: Are there any places that I can download free music without getting caught…?

Question by Amanda T: Are there any places that I can download free music without getting caught…?
I am going to start teaching dance soon and I really need some music for my classes. I’ll be teaching ballet, tap, jazz, and modern so I will need a variety of types. How likely is it that I will get caught for downloading music? Also, what would be some good songs to warm up to and do combinations to for jazz and modern/lyrical.

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Answer by Pyro
mp3raid.com. No downloading any software, no giving your email, no anything. Just music.

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  • wrastling says:

    Do not do that. You will be caught by the police. They are monitoring your computer right now as we speak. The fine for stealing music is 200,000 dollars and or a jail sentence up to 5 years, muahahaha

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  • WiiPlaya says:

    There is this cool thing that u download it is called Limewire. if u want it just go to limewire.com and download it. im not being smart alec!

  • Jillian says:

    Well you can go to ..
    and download a free program called limewire where you can download music for free & then just open the songs with itunes or another music program, so then you can put them on CD’s and bring them to your dance classes possibly 🙂

  • First Namehngbh says:

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  • ashkii says:

    There are a variety of sites used to download music. My favorite has always been LimeWire. It isn’t illegal, and you won’t “get caught” for downloading music. You can even burn them to CD’s to play in your class. These sites are called “share sites” because it is not illegal to “share” your music. However, it is illegal to make several copies of the CD and try and turn around and sell them retail. That would be “bootlegging”. Hope this helps.

  • Samantha. says:

    Man, just download frostwire from frostwire.com, and after you download your songs right click on them and hit stop sharing. Then you can always have the songs you want.

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