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Question by Ballet&Brity

I just statred dance again this past year at a studio that i like a lot!!. I took a leaps/turns/jumps class and a strengh and flex…and now for sure at the studio in the 2nd and 3rd triemester i am taking dance team techniqe!!…adn i just take techniqe non perfrming classes there i do recital classes at my local town i live in program cuz its half the price adn ext…..but now my question i am consderig taking ballet 1st trimester cuz i no how its the core 2 like all kinds of dance and it seems fun!.. ext…but if i just have a few questions about balllet.
here they are if you could answere them please and thankyou!
1-what do you do in a ballet tecqine cass?
2-is it fun?
3-does it acully really help you with all around your dancing skills?
4-does it help you with your turns adn leaps?
4-whats a typical class like?
5-any more info u have please share with me!!

ps:if this helps heres the cass description..adn i would take a leval 1 if tht also helps!

Ballet Technique Ballet is a classical dance form demanding grace, precision, and control- it is the basis of all dance and a required class for all competitive dancers. Our ballet technique classes are non-performance classes designed to give dancers a solid platform on which to build other styles of dance. In our Beginner/Intermediate classes students will be introduced to the positions of the body, terminology, and basic steps stressing turnout, body lines, proper feet and hand positions, weights shifts, balance, concentration, and more. Intermediate/Advanced classes are for students ready to build on these skills with more advanced rythms and combinations. All classes will spend roughl one third time at the bar and 2/3 in the center and across the floor.

Answer by Bubanatos

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  • Everly says:

    Im a competitive dancer in ballet and im glad to help.
    Ballet Technique is basically all you listed above, leaps, jumps, point, and everything that you will base your dance career on. Dont worry about it too much ! Level one is were people begin, and you will eventully become an experianced dancer 🙂

  • emilyy2490 says:

    i never took a class that was specifically called a “technique” class but the studio i went to was based on technique…it helped me a LOT especially with my teacher correcting things i did wrong…it really helps with body placement and in the end helped my flexibility and precision and i think it helped me become a better dancer

  • Faith says:

    ive been ballet dancing since i was 2 and here are your answers
    1. You mostly practice your technique and get used to all the stuff you already know.
    2. It is very fun because you become a lot better at ballet.
    3. yes, a lot.
    4. Again, yes.
    Level 1 class helps too.

  • Stepha says:

    i take a ballet tequnique class…these are the answers to your questions:

    1. the class is basically described in your description above. We get into class and warm up each leg at the bar. It opens the hips and then we hold each split (right left and straddle) for about 8 seconds each (but at home every night i hold it about 5 minutes each to practice). after, we either do our plies at the barre or in the center of the floor. after that, the class varies. Some days we go across the floor for the rest of class, doing turns and pirouettes and balances, etc. other days, we practice on one thing, such as fouette turns. We break the class into 2 groups, one group practices fouettes on the floor for about 5 minutes and the other group stretches more at the barre, then when the 5 minutes are up, we switch with group one at the barre and group 2 doing fouettes on the floor. Really, class is different every week. The teacher focuses usually on what we need to work on the most.

    2. it depends. for me, ballet is the most fun i’ve ever had. i cannot wait for my ballet class on wednesday. however, for some people, they find ballet boring. although i dont think that is the case, ballet is not for everyone. some studios give opportunities to try out a class, so if your studio does that, i’d take advantage of it =]

    3. YES. ballet helps with everything. it improves the dancer’s balance, strength, and flexibility. It also is great excercise so it is good for your health. Some people take ballet as a side thing just to help them with another sport. Some poeple find that taking ballet actually improves their ability to perform certain tasks or sports more efficiently. And on top of that, taking ballet helps you in your other dance classes as well. In my studio, it is required to take a ballet class if you are in an elite hip hop, jazz, or tap class.

    4. Yes. In a normal ballet tequnique class, we do turns and leaps during much of the class. If you want to improve your turns and leaps, ballet class (especially a tequnique class) will definetely help with that.

    5. Ballet Tequnique classes are different in lots of studios, but if you are looking for a fun class as well as a productive class, you may want to sit in during a class before you take it. Some studios, such as mine, actually offer a trial class for free, just so you can experience it before you register for full time classes. Some studios offer fun hip hop and jazz classes but might have strict and serious ballet classes. Because of this, trying a class is usually a good option. If you studio allows that, i would definetely do that.

    Hope that helped, have fun at dance =]]


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