Q&A: Is it okay to wear ballet slippers to and from ballet class?

Question by : Is it okay to wear ballet slippers to and from ballet class?
My son is starting ballet class and we ordered him some toddler ballet shoes. Is it okay for him to wear them across our apartment parking lot to the car, then from the car across the gym’s parking lot into the gym? Or should he wear his normal shoes, then change at the gym? He’ll be wearing knee high black socks under the slippers; I wasn’t sure if that mattered. Thanks!

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Answer by asp2write
No, the rocks and sand, dirt, are bad for dance floor!

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  • Deb says:

    NO! Dance shoes should only be worn in dance class or at home. Never outside. Even that little bit of walking can ruin the bottom of the ballet slipper and he would be bring in moisture, pollen and dirt onto the dance floor.

  • mandaonice says:

    definately dont let him wear ballet shoes outside.
    it will also wear down the shoes way faster and you will have to buy new ones sooner

  • sea_nymph6 says:

    try not to wear them until you get to your destination. It will wear down the shoes and you will need to replace them quite frequently. I always got yelled at by my dance teachers if I was wearing my shoes before class/practice.

  • HeidiHUNH says:

    No! Wait till just before dancing to put them on. Also no street shoes should be worn inside the dance studio-it ruins the floor.

  • x3dancerrjess says:

    no, its bad for the shoes and the dance floor

  • dancegirl says:

    no, the rocks, dust, dirt, on the ground is not good for dance studio floors. it is usually best to wear normal shoes to and from ballet class. this will also help keep his ballet shoes clean!

  • Kathleen J says:

    If I were you, I wouldn’t. It will ruin the shoes (and the floor) in no time at all. He’ll get more practice taking them on and off, and will prevent them from not becoming scuffed up and basically ruined. If you want him to become used to wearing the slippers, have him wear them on floor like tile or hardwood, and dance/ walk around.

  • Charlotte H says:

    He should only be wearing his ballet slippers indoors. In dance class and when he practices dancing at home inside. You do not want the soles to get dirty quickly and you do not want to track that dirt into the dance classroom. I hope that I helped you out a little.

  • GisellesAWili says:

    He definately should not wear them to and from class. One, it’ll tear up the slippers, and two, he’ll be trailing dirt into the classroom.

  • okayyyletsplay says:

    reading all the other answers, i hate that people are so worried about the dance floor & the ballet slipper. Please be aware that the slipper is very thin, & you dont know what he might happen to step on in the parking lot. Besides messing of the floor & the shoe, he might get cut by glass that you didnt see or by maybe a needle. you just dont know. its better to wear thicker shoes when you go outside.

  • x actress gal x says:

    no !

  • that gal` says:

    No, its horrible for the shoes and the dance floor.

  • ddcgdancer23 says:

    NO! the gravelwill wear it down, it may be wet and it will slowly break down the shoe is places you dont want it to be broken down. You may get holes in the shoe and when dancing it will have a different friction level with the dance floor!

    : )

  • DnceTchr28 says:

    Get him a pair of slip on sandals to wear over the slippers. I have many students who slip their boots or shoes right over their slippers and then there is one less step to get ready for class.

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