What can I do to prepare myself for ballet?

Question: What can I do to prepare myself for ballet?
I’ve read up on it and everything, I have wanted to start ballet for ages and I finally get the chance next month. What can I do to prepare myself?
Exercises like releves and plies?
What was your first ballet class like, if you have ever taken ballet?
Also, my turnout is horrible, how can I get more flexible hips?

Answer by Rockie
My first ballet class was quite easy because i danced jazz and other dances before i began. Only practice plies and releves and tendues etc, if you know how to properly do them, or you may hurt yourself, or get bad habits that your instructor will have to break. Working on your posture is going to be a great thing to do to prepare. You can stand with a perfect posture then have a friend tie a string around your shoulders tight enough that when you try to sloutch, the string wont let you. That’s how my dance teacher learned ballet posture when she was taking class. Another great thing is doing stretches. Make sure you warm up your muscles before stretching, i usually run on the spot and jump in first and second position until I’m warmed up. Then do all kinds of stretching, trying to stretch all parts of your body. One way to make your turn out more flexible is to lay on the floor in foggy position. Thats where you lay on your stomach and connect the souls of your feet together and try and reach your feet to the floor while keeping your hips on the floor too, harder than it sounds but it will help for sure. Also sitting in straddle and stretching will help, make sure you point your toes and keep your knees facing up. And sitting in butterfly position, which is were you sit on your bum and put the souls of your feet together. stretch down bringing your face as close to your feet as you can. gentlly press your knees closer to the ground as you feel your ready to. Take deep breaths when stretching and stretch further every time you release your breathe. I promise, it will make all the difference. Your turn out is usually the same as your straddle. so the further out your straddle will go, the more of a turn out you can have. Have fun! Ballet is great!

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