Q&A: What is ballet class like?

Question by teddybear: What is ballet class like?
I’m fourteen, don’t have any experience with any type of dance, but I’m interested in the gracefulness of ballet. I’m not very comfortable with my body and I think ballet could help incorporate physical activity in my life. I don’t want to pursue it professionally, but as a hobby.
What is it like in a typical class like would there be a lot of people around you or just a few and if you got tired could you take a break whenever you want? Do you follow your teacher’s steps all the time or do they teach you a move and leave you alone to do it for 15 minutes? How nice are the people?

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Answer by Miranda G
As a beginner you will be shown what to do and then have to practise with supervision. You will need a teen beginners class so that you can learn the basics rather than join a higher level class. Most teachers will not allow you to take a break but they will let you work a bit slower until you build your stamina up. But remember you won’t build up your stamina unless you try to push yourself beyond your comfort levels so the teacher will expect you to be willing to work hard at it. I generally teach by example which means I demonstrate at the front of the class then go around all my pupils as they are practising so that I can correct any mistakes that I see. This only really works with smaller classes of no more than 5-10 pupils and so I specifically keep my classes small so that I can give everyone the attention they need to improve. My exam classes are all smaller than 5 pupils and we have fun and learn at the same time.
I hope this helps and good luck.

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  • Lila says:

    You’re thinking recreational ballet, which is simply ballet that isn’t competitive and isn’t pursuing a career. This is how a typical ballet class goes:
    -You start with stretching. They may not give you time to stretch in class, so do it before.

    -After you are stretched, you do BARRE (capitalised for emphasis). These are small exercises that warm your body up for bigger movements. I recommend looking up barre exercises on YouTube so you get an idea of what it looks like.

    -Center is the next part of class. You try out more difficult movements. When you are being taught a new step, the teacher will demonstrate it and incorporate it in a combination (series of steps put together) to learn it. You will not have to do it by yourself.

    -Don’t take a break unless it is an absolute emergency. You will often have a few minutes to breathe between combinations.

    -Don’t be competitive. People in recreational ballet are usually nice. Try to make some new friends.

    -Be patient when learning new steps. You won’t automatically be a prima ballerina. Ask for help when you are frustrated and take your time learning things.

    -Get into it! Watch ballets on YouTube or live, take open classes (usually a big school offers open barre classes that you can take with only a small fee), and do ballet at home.

    I hope you really enjoy your experience with ballet! It is the most amazing art form in the world!

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