Q&A: what is included in a laguardia dance audition?

Question by Pretty bhadd chicka: what is included in a laguardia dance audition?
I plan on audition. So i would like to know what they ask you to do. Like what do you have to do in the ballet class, and what you have to do in the modern class. For example what do they ask you to do across the floor.

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Answer by mintchips49
It is just a modified standard ballet class. Very basic and nothing difficult. You have barre, center and across the floor. They will give you s simple moving combination for across the floor. The modern is right after the ballet and is only across the floor. Some basic movements to see how you move. There will be a LaGuardia student there who will demonstrate.everything.
My best advice to dance as cleanly as possible. Form over flash. If you have taken ballet classes, you will be just fine. There will be people who will be there auditioning that have never been in a ballet class before. Dress professionally in a black leotard and pink transition ballet tights. Hair in a neat tight bun. No extra dance cloths and no jewelry. Remember you are auditioning the minute you step into the dance studio even when you are not dancing. Don’t chat with anyone. Watch your spacing at the barre, center and across the floor. Nothing looks less professional than a dancer who cannot space themselves and is in the way of other dancers. At the end of the audition, thank the accompanist and the ballet mistress/master.
If you get called back for the solo audition, you will not get to do more than 30 seconds of your minute long solo if even that much, so put your best stuff at the top. Don’t start on the floor or you may never get off of it.
Good luck.

* If you have very little to no dance experience and this is for entrance in the 9th grade, they will be looking at your facility and musicality for dance. However, if this is for 10th grade admissions, they will expect some dance technique training.

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