some good excercise music?

Question by Spencer: some good excercise music?
i’ve been getting in shape lately so that i can look good in ballet class i’m just looking for some good workout music when i stretch and run.

right now i’m listening to “you better believe” by max morgan

anything like that =]]]

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Answer by Rahul A
personaly best is rock to heavy metal cuz the drum beats pump me up

another one can be rap also because of the beats..

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  • Sela says:

    Research shows that people who exercise listening to music will workout twice as long as those who don’t, but not all music is created equal for fitness.

    Ideally, you should harmonize your music selection with your regimen. If your body rhythm and footsteps are in time with the music, the entire experience will be more fun and effective.

    The best workout music I have found is from They record popular songs in all genres to create customized non-stop workout remixes to optimize the benefits of your workout and keep you stepping in time with the beat. – Compilations and singles of popular songs with specific BPM (beats-per-minute). Albums are a complete non-stop mix of 60 minutes worth of music so you don’t break your rhythm. – Same as above, only the revolutionary software lets you choose the BPM and mix the songs yourself! Then you download the mix as a complete non-stop workout to burn on a CD or stick on your iPod or mp3 player.

    Most of their songs are also available on iTunes…. Just search Artist “Power Music”

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