Starting Ballet Classes. What Dancewear Will You Need?

Starting Ballet Classes. What Dancewear Will You Need?
Starting Ballet Classes. What Dancewear Will You Need?

When you begin taking ballet classes, there are a few dancewear things you will need. You will need to invest in some new ballet dancewear to help you perform well, look good and feel comfortable. There is so much dancewear to choose from these days. It can be difficult depending on where you live, to find a dancewear shop which has a wide range available. But look online and the skys the limit! Online shopping for dancewear means you will have access to a huge and varied collection of dancewear from all the leading manufactures worldwide.

Ballet shoes are one of the basic dancewear necessities. Ballet shoes come in either leather, satin or canvas. Leather are typically more expensive, but will also last longer. It is usually best to try on both before deciding as different ballet students prefer different types of ballet shoes. Ballet shoes can have split soles or one continuous sole. Try them out to see which you prefer. Sizing is typically different than regular shoes, so it is important to read the sizing information for each brand to find the best ballet shoes for you.

Other dancewear you will need is a leotard and tights. Ballet dancewear is designed to fit close to the body to allow students to move freely and for a dance instructor to check for proper form. Some dance studios have requirements about the colour and style of dancewear and it is important to ask before making dancewear purchases for class. Ballet dance tights are thicker than regular tights and built to last through many practices. Leotards are available with straps, short sleeves, or long sleeves. Dancewear leotards also have many different necklines to fit each dancers style.

Dancewear rules vary from school to school, depending on the syllabus your school follows. Some dance studios will allow female dancers to wear a sheer skirt over their leotard or male dancers to wear athletic shorts to class. These requirements will vary based on the studio rules, the level of the class and ballet instructors preference.

Other essential dancewear are leg warmers, dance pants, and a warm dance top. These dancewear items are good to have before and after a ballet class when it is important to keep the muscles warm to prevent injuries.

Lastly, a good duffel bag or tote bag will help you to easily carry your dancewear to and from your ballet classes.

There are so many styles and colors available on the market today so have a good look around on the internet and bag yourself some cool dancewear today.

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