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What should i do to prepare myself for Ballet classes this fall?

Question by ♥ Cute T ♥: What should i do to prepare myself for Ballet classes this fall?
I’ve done Tap for a long, but they mostly worked on ankle exercises. I am pretty stretchy. I’m going to start stretching at least once a day and work on the 5 positions. I can put my weight on my fingertips on the floor while keeping my back and legs straight (inflexibility runs in the family.. except for my dad, lol) and I’ve been reading about doing the splits, but is there anything else I should know?
How do i get my positions perfect? I want my positions to be more than “decent” by the time class starts up on Sept. 18th. I kinda have a “you gotta clean your house before the maid gets here” attitude, but I want to be as good as i can and excel quickly! I know the teachers will help with with all that, but I can only take classes once a week and I REALLY want to get far in this before too long.
Also.. what do you wear to Ballet classes? What kind of pointers did you teacher give you about.. anything when you first started taking Ballet/Pointe?
I am 15 years old. and have NEVER taken Ballet or anything similar to it before, lol.
All help will be MUCH appreciated! 😀
I’m really kind of desperate here, lol. I’m hungry for all knowledge on this! 🙂

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