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The Story Of Fokine

Modern ballet can attribute its lyrical artistry and dramatic expression to one particular man, Mikhail Mikhailovich Fokine. Michel, as most people in the west knew him, was often referred to as the father of modern ballet.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russian on April 25, 1880, to working-class parents, Michel would go on to become one of the most influential dancers and choreographers in the realm of modern ballet. Against his father’s wishes and disapproval of dancing as a career, Michel secretly auditioned for the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg. He received the highest ranking possible in the audition; thus, finally securing his father’s approval to attend the ballet academy. Read the rest of this entry »

PicturePost – What story do you see?

Some cool free ballet class music images:

PicturePost – What story do you see?
free ballet class music
Image by making_space
– Making Space took pictures around Aberystwyth and reproduced a few of them as big posters. This is one of them.
– It was displayed in Aberystwyth Arts Centre and people were invited to sticker it with stories or thoughts sparked by the photograph. We thought it would be up there for a month…but it was covered in less than a week!
– We’ve written up all the contributions as either notes on the picture (move your mouse over the photo to see them) or as comments below.
– Please feel free to tell us your own story or thought by adding a note or a comment here or go to Aber Arts Centre to sticker the new poster.

**All ‘making_space’ comments and notes are the results of the contributions we’ve received.