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How to teach dance to young kids?

Question by Mary Ann: How to teach dance to young kids?
I’m 15 and my mom owns 3 dance studios and she is having me and my friend start teaching the younger kids that aren’t on the team. I’m not sure which classes I will have to teach but I know that I have to teach 2 classes and each class is 45 minutes but my mom is going to teach for 10-15 minutes of each class so they can practice their dance for our recital. There is a ballet/tap class and a jazz/hiphop class for each age group the age groups are 3-7 and 7 and up. Like I said I don’t know what groups I’m going to have to teach. Can you give me like a plan type thing to do for each class and like some tips? I know in the 7 and up class there is a little girl with down syndrome and I don’t know much about it so what should I have her do? What do I do if a kid is acting up or being shy? I think I know pretty well what to do with the older kids but what am I supposed to do with the younger ones? How much can they understand? I’ve been dancing since I was 2 and I got on stage at a dance competition and won first place when I was 3 but I don’t remember what I did in classes then…

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How to teach yourself Ballet for free?

Question by Michelle Obama: How to teach yourself Ballet for free?
I have always wanted to learn ballet, but my family cannot afford taking me to a ballet class, and we can’t find one for people in my age range. (I’m going into seventh grade.)
Is their any way I could teach myself or learn for free?
Thanks so much!

Answer by Ashley Tisdale
This is a silly question. If you’re teaching yourself it’s obviously gonna be free. I’m a ballerina. Well start off googling and learning all the ballet moves like pa da bas ( If i spelled it correctly ) shanay , and all that. Then practice those yourself after stretching out your muscles ( by doing the splits, trying to touch head with your toes .. etc ) If you have internet youtube people doing simple ballet steps and copy them.
If you was to take a ballet class you’d also have to practice your dance routine more then like 30 times in class.

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