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Being thin for Ballet?

Question by : Being thin for Ballet?
So I’m 15 years old and just started ballet. I LOVE it and must say im actually pretty good at it. So like the obsessive teenager I am I watch many interviews with amazing prima ballerinas and almost all of them said something along the lines of “you need to be long and slender to get the grace and beauty of ballet” I was wondering are the only people who make it in ballet naturally thin people or do they get thin because of ballet? I’ve always been chubby and even after losing 20 lbs I’m still the biggest one in my ballet class. Is that going to be a big issue if I decide I want to do ballet more and more?
Ally, Your information is private so I can’t answer your question
I do want to go far in the performing world. I want to be in musical theater but I have found that I REALLY love ballet and would want to become professional. Why would I have to chose my life profession before 15? I don’t need to be dancing since I was 2 to be profession, just the drive and ability to look like I’ve been dancing for eveer

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