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TODAYSART 2009 – Blanche neige

Some cool ballet terms images:

TODAYSART 2009 – Blanche neige
ballet terms
Image by Haags Uitburo
The Snow Whites of the French choreographer Catherine Ba├┐ have performed in many international settings over the past years, always adapting the theme of the performance to the local situation, thus contesting Disney’s uniformization of the iconic fairy tail hero. At TODAYSART 2009 in The Hague, where the performance was part of the 400 years celebration of Mare Liberum – the founding text of international law – 20 locally trained performers represented the cyclic motion between violence and international conferences.

TODAYSART is an annual international multidisciplinary modern creativity festival in The Hague, The Netherlands. Each year in the end of September, the festival offers a programme at 20 venues (in- and outdoor) in the city centre with more than 200 artists from over 25 countries, all presenting their creative vision about what art is today in terms of music, video and visual arts, film, photography, fashion, performing arts, theatre, contemporary dance and other disciplines and crossovers.

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